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  • Hi
    I’m using a theme including Revolution slider plugin. For the editors to be able to manage selected parts in WordPress I’m using WP admin UI Customize. However, the editors have no access to Revolution slider.
    When in the Side menu section of the customization plugin “Revolution slider” is there as a header, but not as a drag-and-drop box.

    How can I make editors able to edit the sliders and slides?

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  • Editors probably won’t have sufficient privileges to have access to edit your slider.

    I use this plugin to set role capabilities:

    The slider might have it’s own custom role capability or it might be made accessable through something like “edit_theme_options”.

    I installed the plugin User role editor.

    The editors already had “edit_theme_options”, so I looked through Revolution slider’s code for some clues. After that I added “manage_options” to editors. That did not show the drag and drop box for revolution slider, but if I enter the URL to Revolution slider edit page it’s accessable for editors.

    So, editors can manage Revolution slider, but the menu option is not present in WP admin UI customize.

    I found the Revolution slider’s Global settings in the top right corner of the settings page. Changed that so editors could get access.

    Not able to add Revolution slider to the Side menu.

    But when I inactivate the WP admin UI customize plugin, the Revolution slider appears in the side menu. So I guess it has something to do with the customizing plugin not recognizing something.

    I removed WP Admin UI Customize completely and used remove_menu_page() and add_menu_page() i functions.php instead. Much simpler imo.

    Plugin Author gqevu6bsiz


    I’m sorry for my late reply and I could see your problem.
    Revolution Slide maybe does not have menu of “Sub menu”.
    WP Admin UI Customize can be customized there is a menu of the “Sub menu”.

    Your way is easy if you want to setting only Revolution slider.
    But, if you use together, It also maybe possible.

    • Grant the capability “manage_options” to Editor.(e.g. User Role Editor plugin)
    • Add code for the Submenu to Revolution Slider.
      File: revslider/inc_php/framework/base_admin.class.php – line 396
      add_submenu_page( self::$dir_plugin, $title , $title , $role , self::$dir_plugin , array(self::$t, $pageFunctionName) );
      Under the add_menu_page.
    • It will be able to customize.Setting screen



    I have used the code you mentioned above in base_admin.class.php line no:396, but im getting some syntax error. Im not much of a developer. Can you please rectify my issue.

    Hi, I solved the issue, I didn`t read out instructions correctly.. As plugin updated, add_menu_page is in line number 275. Thanks for all help

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