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  • I am very proud to announce the release of my Revolution News theme – perfect for online newspapers and magazines. This theme is a premium theme, and intended for professional use.

    The official site can be found here, and you can also view the demo.

    Feedback and suggestions welcome – thanks!

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  • Forgot to add:
    it is intended for pro publications and it is not free…

    True enough, should this be moved to another location in the forums?

    There is no specific location for things like that. Personally, I don’t have anyting against being paid for a job or design – just wanted to clarify the fact before anybody starts arguing about it 🙂

    [Nice job, btw]

    No problem, and I have no issue upfront saying it’s a paid theme. Lots of work went into it, and I think it’s a great solution for certain sites.

    That is a great site design. Good job.

    Thanks Bob, appreciate it!

    That is really a fantastic design! Its the perfect layout for what I want to do. Unfortunately, I am very new with wordpress (though I could probably figure it out), and I am not sure yet if wordpress will absolutely fit my needs. Add that with the fact that I am working on my site for a non-profit… I simply cannot afford it right now.

    so… my search continues….

    it is pretty cool and i might buy it for my newspaper.

    zennesis: I could point you to some similar free themes. Posting them here will not be apt. So raise a new post in the right forum section.

    This looks interesting. Could you explain what “Featured Page” and “News Page” tabs are on the top? They don’t look like categories, and they are from the same blog, so what are they exactly? (I’m confused about the nomenclature).

    Is it that you have three “sections” of this magazine type site, called NEWS, FEATURES, and SAMPLES? Why would NEWS not be a blog post for example and instead a page?

    If these are “Page” sections, my question would be: what if I started three four other sections tomorrow, would they automatically show up in the theme?

    Thanks for any ideas and apologies for sounding like a newbie on WP, which I am!

    I’d like to ask, too, how this is solved.

    See, I’d have no hesitation to purchase the theme and use it for a client. It looks real spiffy, well layouted and visually stunning.

    But, I need to use some parts of it, and the rest needs to be “normal”.

    The “pro” theme
    uses some fancy scripting … kudos!

    Mind giving us a few “keywords” on how to do all that by ourselves?

    Multiple-Use Package – $199.95 (New regular price!)
    thats very expensive.
    any body have free news org newspaper theme ?

    If I were more prolific, I’d be very interested. It is a beautiful design. I hope some small local papers pick this up from, a real bargain.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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