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  • Just installed this sweet plugin. Nice work! Wondering if it’s possible to revoke write access for certain users? I own a royalty-free music business and we have a bunch of composers who log in daily. From my admin account, I’d like to be able to send out dashboard notes to all users, with “Read-Only” access on their end. Is this possible?

    FYI – I’ve already tried to block certain aspects of WP Dashboard Notes via the “Adminimize” plugin but that didn’t work.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated! I’ll provide a discount code to any of our music just to repay the favor. =]

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani



    Glad to hear you like the plugin 🙂

    At this moment there isn’t a way to manage access between certain users (/roles), though it is the first big feature I’m adding to the plugin. I don’t have a ETA on that yet though. I have started development of that feature, but its not ready yet..

    Have a great day!
    Jeroen Sormani

    Jeroen, as an employee for a company that manages over 250 WordPress sites (developers and designer type work), I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your plugin. I’ve personally contributed towards bug fixes and/or enhancements on four plugins in the past year, plus contributed towards identifying two separate bugs within WP as actually being related to each other (fixes were deployed in 4.2.4 and 4.3; centered around MultiSite issues).

    @mirrormirrormusic, I don’t mean to hijack your thread, but my request goes hand in hand with your request for enhancement.

    Jeroen, I would love to see an enhancement of the notes called “View Access”, based off of someone’s role/access status. I’ll use the default WP settings, for this example:

    Administrator Only
    Editor (or higher)
    Author (or higher)
    Contributor (or higher)
    Subscriber (or higher)
    All Users

    The only issue is that you might have to check to see what other roles are available (User Role Editor, for example, allows you to define custom roles). So I don’t know how well that would work here.

    Again, apologies to mirrormirrormusic for posting on this thread.

    Dank u voor een fantastische plugin, Jeroen!

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani


    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for letting me hear your voice with this feature request.

    User access is still something that is high on my want-to list and will probably come with the next big update.

    Great plugin! I will echo the big-time want for read/write access based on user role.

    Any updated timeline on a release for that?

    For instance, I want to have a list of formatting guidelines which can be viewed by all authors but not edited by them. I know there are are solutions such as creating a custom dashboard widget ( but this plugin is so user-friendly, I’d rather consolidate everything in it.

    Otherwise, it’s very useful for authors to make their own private notes, and entertaining as a sort of humorous and helpful “writer bulletin board” with public notes.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani



    I don’t have a timeline on that ATM. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources available right now to spend the required amount of time for this feature.

    Still planned for the next big update, just don’t know when that will be..

    If someone has the skills to help out with this, I’m happy to collaborate with them.


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