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  • With all the confusion of where the WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition is headed, I’ve decided to create a new site dedicated to reviving the competition.

    I believe the competition was very disorganized and the details of rules, judges and judging criteria were very vague. Deadlines were not met, and communication of events and e-mails that happened after the site disappeared seem vague and disconnected.

    I’ve created a temporary site to house the new competition:

    I’ll move the site to a dedicated domain shortly. Let’s not lose all the hard work of the creative WordPress community!

    To start things off, I’ll be donating an Ipod shuffle to the competition to get things back in gear.

    Any questions about the new competition can be left here, at the new site, or e-mailed directly to

    I hope this step gets things back on track! 🙂

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  • TechGnome



    If the judges can be swayed by comments like that… they shouldn’t be a judge. It means they can’t be impartial.

    That aside, I don’t think any one expected a decision over night.

    But I do think people expected to be able to browse and d/l themes as time went on. I checked out the site awhile back…. and never returned – because I couldn’t view the themes. I lost any and all interest in it right then and there. Which is a shame, since my blog is now retired, I no longer have a use for any of the themes I might have found. So, now we get screen shots…. which means we’ll get comments like OMG XYZ THEME IS SO GREAT IT SHOULD BE THE GRAND WINNER! based solely on some screen shot. Hardly seems fair.

    I see no reason to not release the themes…. if you are worried about comment influences, don’t allow comment…. meanwhile people are shut out and may start looking else where…. OR… open it up and have a “People’s Choice” award…. at least then we’d be able to see the creativity out there.


    TechGnome – My sentiments EXACTLY!

    I think it’s a great shame, especially given the amount of time we’ve all already waited (as I already said).

    And you’re quite right – the judges shouldn’t be judges if they are so easily swayed by anyones comments.

    The Typo & WordPress 1.5 theme competitions (as well as others) have quite happily released themes as they were submitted and I see no reason whatsoever for this competition to have operated any differently.

    For goodness sakes, it’s a competition. Not some secretive project.

    Kineda, please open up a little. Before more of us lose interest. I, for one, won’t be bothering to check again in a fortnight. I’ve been checking in too often already (and when you don’t reply to comments, it makes me wonder why I bother).

    I will check back soon to see the themes in action (not screenshots – what a waste of time that will be) and in my mind at the moment, I couldnt care less who wins or doesn’t. Sadly, I dont care any more. Congrats will be in order, but I wont be interested by the time the results are announced. It’s all taking rather too long.

    Why else? Because I won’t have had the opportunity to look over them myself and going by past experience, I certainly won’t be relying on someone elses judgement on who is the greatest and the best.

    As TechGnome says, open them up to a ‘Peoples Winner’ – if nothing else, it would be a fantastic opportunity for us mere mortals to give our opinion too – and what’s the betting there would be wildly differing results?

    Thanks for a good solution. Give me a couple of days to finish the theme viewer as well as upload all the themes to the server. Sound reasonable?

    Kineda – Yay! Thanks for listening to us.

    kineda, did you ever get back to brad from administry concerning his WP 2.0 Theme reward of hosting?

    i have never heard back from you. i would appreciate a response.


Viewing 5 replies - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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