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  • With all the confusion of where the WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition is headed, I’ve decided to create a new site dedicated to reviving the competition.

    I believe the competition was very disorganized and the details of rules, judges and judging criteria were very vague. Deadlines were not met, and communication of events and e-mails that happened after the site disappeared seem vague and disconnected.

    I’ve created a temporary site to house the new competition:

    I’ll move the site to a dedicated domain shortly. Let’s not lose all the hard work of the creative WordPress community!

    To start things off, I’ll be donating an Ipod shuffle to the competition to get things back in gear.

    Any questions about the new competition can be left here, at the new site, or e-mailed directly to

    I hope this step gets things back on track! 🙂

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  • The default style works for now. I threw the site up so fast that I haven’t had the time to create a custom theme around the competition. Hopefully, I’ll have something ready in the next couple weeks. 🙂

    a spam blog!!! lol! it’s the DEFAULT wordpress style! it looks GREAT, that’s why it’s the default! lol!!!!!

    All in the eye of the beholder….

    Spam blog?

    Look up “splog” on google….

    What you see is what you think.
    vkaryl, right as usual 😉

    Count me in for thinking the default theme is just fine. Spam blog?

    Thanks for getting this competition going again. I was getting concerned about the other one.

    I thought it was widely known that default them is the national theme of splogs… lol.

    How many reputable sites use the default theme? The first thing ppl do is change it and Kubrik ain’t that fly to me.

    But the most important thing is that the competition is moving ahead 🙂

    That’s because sploggers have no imagination…. and yes, the important thing is that the competition is alive and well!

    [And that we keep “legitimately” boosting this thread to the top of the latest posts listing…. *laughing*]

    You’re right again.
    No bumps ;D

    Yeah! STOP BUMPING! 😉 oops…

    Any new news on the competition?

    Are the old sponsors known? Would someone be able to contact them and attempt to get them to sponsor this new contest with the same prizes?

    Yeah, that would be nice. I agree with Tswartz. I’m not that confident I’d win any awards with my theme (competition is really tough), but it would be great if this contest be given the same kind of attention like the “bogus” one.

    Besides, if Justin really received 188 themes for the contest, the WordPress community deserves to be able to download all of them.

    I think I will submit my theme to the competition. This time I can make it in time I suppose 🙂

    What happened to the previous site, by the way?

    – MENJ

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 80 total)
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