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  • With all the confusion of where the WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition is headed, I’ve decided to create a new site dedicated to reviving the competition.

    I believe the competition was very disorganized and the details of rules, judges and judging criteria were very vague. Deadlines were not met, and communication of events and e-mails that happened after the site disappeared seem vague and disconnected.

    I’ve created a temporary site to house the new competition:

    I’ll move the site to a dedicated domain shortly. Let’s not lose all the hard work of the creative WordPress community!

    To start things off, I’ll be donating an Ipod shuffle to the competition to get things back in gear.

    Any questions about the new competition can be left here, at the new site, or e-mailed directly to

    I hope this step gets things back on track! 🙂

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  • Not a prob. 🙂 A few more themes have been submitted. I hope we can round up some more sponsors as well to dish out a good list of prizes.

    In the end though, it’s just about sharing the wealth of theme work to the WordPress community.

    Just found this but wanted to know is there any specific requirements regarding the use of ‘other’ themes as a starting point?

    Nothing as obvious as Kubrick however it’s not clear.

    If not specifically addressed, then I think not a problem. Most themes in the last couple of competitions began “somewhere” in another theme. I’m not sure, there may be a contact point on the wordpressarena site where you can email Terry.

    Yeah, somebody post the answer to that question here if they find out. Please. 🙂

    Yeah…. then again, I’m going to send in a 3col that never saw the light of day in any wp theme before, so maybe to me it doesn’t matter….

    There’s not specific rule against using another theme as a basis for a new design, but you should definately give credit where credit is due. New themes based off other themes should be truly unique to the original and not just minor modifications of things like colors and fonts.

    My email is for anyone tryng to get a hold of me.


    Thanks Terry…. I’ll keep track of it in case anyone asks….

    More ppl need to start linking to the new theme contest site.The same attention that was given to the other (bogus) theme competition should now be given to this one.

    Thanks Bhoney. 🙂 Yes, if everyone can spread the word about the new site, that’d be great. This is basically the only place that the new competition has been advertised, and I’m not sure the word is getting out to all the past partcipants.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I think a key element of the judging must be commenting the code.

    It’s no use creating the perfect theme if someone can’t figure out how to change what they want – after all, those themeing had to learn somewhere and comments made life easier.

    Please please please comment your code and your css – or put it in a separate file if you don’t want the bloat.

    Don’t assume that everyone will know – everyone will not.

    so we can use any theme and then cutomize it?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’m not judging so this is a guess.

    The submitted themes are going to get looked at by a lot of people.
    If a submitted theme is based on another but has just had a new image, a font change and a bit of color thrown in, it will be spotted. While I doubt that would be against ‘the rules’ (see above about attribution) and while it would get you a few more visitors you are not in with as good a chance as winning than another more original theme.

    Like I said – I’m not judging.

    Podz pretty much nailed it about customizing an exisiting theme for entry.

    Im gonna send in my theme in a hour or 2. Where can i see the themes already send in?(just got your mail!)

    I would suggest changing the theme to the theme competition site too.The default theme looks like a spam blog.A theme competetion site should be using a nice theme.Gives it an air or sophistication and CREDIBILITY.


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 80 total)
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