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  • With all the confusion of where the WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition is headed, I’ve decided to create a new site dedicated to reviving the competition.

    I believe the competition was very disorganized and the details of rules, judges and judging criteria were very vague. Deadlines were not met, and communication of events and e-mails that happened after the site disappeared seem vague and disconnected.

    I’ve created a temporary site to house the new competition:

    I’ll move the site to a dedicated domain shortly. Let’s not lose all the hard work of the creative WordPress community!

    To start things off, I’ll be donating an Ipod shuffle to the competition to get things back in gear.

    Any questions about the new competition can be left here, at the new site, or e-mailed directly to

    I hope this step gets things back on track! 🙂

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  • Glad to see someone is doing something about moving this forward.

    Well done you!

    Maybe somebody new who is trying to fool us? who knows? 🙁

    Im now a bit confused about this all. Would like to put a theme to a competition but no, i gues I better do not.

    Well, Terry/kineda’s been around here a while, seems to be an okay person. You could check the site etc. linked from his name….

    I have done that, and also send a mail. There are more people out there who can be trusted, than whe sometimes think.

    I will retract my offer to house it in the Theme Viewer then. I hate politics enough already 🙂

    Have fun…

    Oh, had you offered to take over the competition already, Shadow?

    Shadow – I’d still like all the themes published to the theme viewer when the competition is complete. The goal was just to revive the competition and create a central site to discuss and locate information. Hope there’s no toes being stepped on. 🙂

    While I’m here, I’d like to publicly ask you to be a judge! Hope you accept the offer. 🙂

    Those worried about scam, can put their fears to rest. I’ve been a long time member of the WordPress community. I’ve created a couple of plugins for the software, and am even releasing a popular phototheme that many have expressed interest over. I’m also a dedicated user of the software myself as vkaryl (moderator) mentioned.

    [[OT: ooooh – be sure you post when that phototheme’s released, Terry!]]

    That photo theme is lovely! The new one is gorgeous too!

    Thanks for the compliments. Back on topic now…

    The judges are checking in!!!

    Currently we have:
    Dan Cameron of sc4ered theme fame and Bryan Veleso of Avalonstar.

    And just in… shadow has also agreed to be a judge and has kindly donated the following prizes:
    Prize #1:
    A 12 month webhosting package from – the people who really do know what WordPress is and how to support it. Valued at over £85.00

    Prize #2:
    The ZEN of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web…124606-4498261

    Thanks all for your support and it looks like things are following back into place. 🙂

    Very good! The spirt of cooperation is alive and well, and currently can be found on in this thread among others.

    [And I’m NOT being sarcasic or snide…. hard as that may be to believe.]

    This is gonna be cool! 🙂

    New url for WordPress Theme competition:

    update those bookmarks! 🙂

    Thanks Terry. And just a reminder: ALL themes submitted to the original, now apparently defunct competition will need to be resubmitted to Terry/kineda. See specific info regarding submission, competition rules, etc. at

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 80 total)
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