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  • I was reading this thread: because I have a situation where multiple roles are needed.

    the install is a multisite install with some custom roles and a bbPress forum plugin install. The forum requires a Moderator role. So, here is a situation where you have a many-to-many relationship need for roles, as my client doesn’t want to have to log out from the administrator role to take on the moderator role.

    The bbPress forum specifically states that, “Under the hood, WordPress comes with support for users having multiple roles, and this is a perfect use-case for needing that functionality.”
    So, does it or doesn’t it?

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  • Read the rest of that post from JJJ to see how messed up roles and caps are.

    You can’t have multiple roles. You Should be able to, but it just doesn’t work right :/ bbPress made something special. You should be able to make the admin an also moderator. Or rather, I can moderate my bbPress install as my admin account.

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