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    Today I worked on a draft all afternoon, but none of my saves or the autosaves have saved the document. All my work is lost. I’m normally militant about saving, and I could see WordPress autosaving, but it says the last revisions I can go back to are 3 days ago – useless to me as there is now no content there. Help please

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    There is only ever one “autosave”, and this is not a Gutenberg thing, but a WordPress thing in general. If you save a revision, then it should be saved regardless of the editor. New autosaves overwrite the previous one. Autosaves and revisions are not the same thing.

    I’m aware they’re not the same thing, but neither had worked. The autosaves had not saved anything and neither had my own save to create a revision that I could go back to. The Gutenberg Editor seems to have some kind of bug as this was the first time I had used it and had a problem saving. It also would not create a preview.

    Hi @mteatp, I’m sorry to hear you lost all your work, that’s gotta be really frustrating 🙁

    To figure out what’s causing that, can you follow these steps?

    1. Edit a post in Gutenberg (or start a new one, if that what you were doing before)
    2. Open up the JavaScript console in your browser, click on the Console tab. If you’re not sure how, just search for “{name of your browser} open javascript console”
    3. Make a few changes to the post, like you would while normally editing. If it’s a draft, wait until the autosave happens. If it’s already published, click the update button.
    3. Was anything added to the JavaScript console? If so, copy all of it and paste it here. If it’s really long, you can paste it into, and then just share the link here.
    4. Copy a list of any plugins you have active and paste it here. The Health Check plugin makes it easy to get a list formatted list of plugins and other debugging info.

    @iandunn, does gutenberg create a lot more traffic on the server with its ajax calls? I seem to see more activity in the Chrome Inspector “net” panel. I wonder, do some servers get lazy or miss some requests? Or even firewall against lots of requests rapidly made? Something like that might prevent autosaves, I think.

    Yeah, it does look like the autosaves are much more frequent, about every 10 seconds, compared to once a minute in the Classic editor. That still feels relatively slow to me, though, when compared to the speed that bots operate at. I’d be surprised if any network-level rate limits were being triggered, but you never know.

    If something like that is happening, it’d should be visible in the Network panel of the console, since the autosave requests would get a HTTP response code like 429, instead of the regular 200.


    I have the same main issues (at the moment at least):

    – autosave does not save anything
    – if I click on “save” myself the post’s title, as well as categories, tags, featured image and excerpt disappear
    – preview does not appear at all
    – I can find an “auto saved” post among my Drafts, but completely empty

    So, impossible to continue working on a draft article, impossible to preview it to check if everything behaves correctly, and impossible to manage the post’s savings…

    I’m quite at a loss. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    Hi @claudiacar73, to help troubleshoot that, can you let me know the following information:

    * Any output from your browser’s JavaScript console (you can google “how to open browser console” if you don’t know how to access it)
    * The browser you’re using and version number
    * A list of all plugins you have activated
    * A list of all 3rd-party browser extensions you have installed

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