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    Hi there,
    I’ve been having this issue with WP Document Revisions with the user not lining up correctly with the revisions made. This happens for comments too.

    Please see screenshot here: https://ibb.co/mzwyvd3

    In the example, Hamish didn’t enter the Barenbrug entries 4 days ago, Blair did.

    This has been a bit confusing for users.

    Could you please advise if this could be fixed?


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  • Plugin Contributor nwjames


    This problem occurs because the plugin corrects for a WP bug #16215. However this was fixed some 7 years ago. So now the plugin gives incorrect information as you have found.

    (Note that it is a display issue only.

    I have made a fix to the software held on GitHub wp-document-revisions/ a while ago but it is not currently released.

    Of course, amendments made prior to the WP fix will display incorrectly.

    Neil James

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    @nwjames Thanks so much for the reply and explanation.

    Are you anticipating an official updated release of the plugin that has this fix in the near future? Or am I best to apply a patch until then?

    Thanks again

    Plugin Contributor nwjames


    I am sorry but I cannot say. It is a decision by Ben, the plugin author.

    There was some activity yesterday on the GitHub repository yesterday for updated translations, which may indicate a release soon.

    I have recently found that WP 5.6 will bring a breaking change to the taxonomy counting process and there should need to be a new version released.

    Sorry I cannot be definitive.


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    @nwjames No problem, thank you very much for your help on this!

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