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    Not sure when this happened but the Revisions checkbox is no longer in my screen options for pages or posts. As per other posts I have disabled all plugins. That did not help. I have echoed the value of WP_POST_REVISIONS and I get “1” so I assume that it is set to true(which is the default I believe). Could someone please help me solve this problem. I am scheduled to make this site live in a few days and would rather not do that without revisions enabled.

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  • The revisions check-box doesn’t show by default in the screen options drop down if there are no revisions stored for that post or page. Have you recently run any database cleanup or optimization that might have removed old revisions?

    I haven’t run anything like that and in order to test it I have changed the post and saved it a number of times but still no checkbox 🙁

    Just a wild guess here, but what happens if you apply one of the default WordPress themes? Does the symptom persist?

    ClaytonJames, good guess if I change the theme to one of the default themes, the revisions checkbox does reappear…now the task of figuring out what in my current theme is causing it not to show. If you have any suggestions on the best approach to going about pinpointing the issue I am all ears. Thanks again

    I think it’s likely that somewhere in the themes functions.php file, you’ll find where the author has turned revisions off. What you might look for is probably something similar to this;

    define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

    did a search on my entire install and it does not appear that ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’ is being set to false. Is there any place in the code that I could place an echo statement (or anything else for that matter) to try and determine why the revisions checkbox is not showing up?

    From what you’ve said (symptom goes away when the default WordPress theme is used) I think there’s a very good chance that post revisions are being overridden as a design feature your theme. What theme are you using?

    [edit] I suppose it’s possible that the theme may be using a filter to simply hide the revisions option from the “Screen Options” menu. Why it would, I’m not sure, but perhaps rather than actually disabling revisions, it’s just removing the check-box from the available options.

    I am using the “Modulo” theme it can be found on forest. What would be the purpose of overriding post revisions.. since they only show up in the admin interface? Thanks again for helping me try to sort this out.

    ClaytonJames… I believe you are correct! after much searching I found this in my functions.php file:

    function remove_revisions_metabox() {
        remove_meta_box('revisionsdiv', 'post', 'normal');
        remove_meta_box('revisionsdiv', 'page', 'normal');

    I do not understand why an author would do this??? Since if you want to control the revisions you can just edit your wp-config.php. Can you think of any situation where commenting this line out could do harm?

    I was afraid it might be a commercial theme. I don’t have access to that one.

    What would be the purpose of overriding post revisions

    Some designers like the “uncluttered” approach to their user interface. If this designer happens to incorporate additional options in the theme related admin interface, you may find an option to turn it back on from there. Otherwise you might search the theme files for something that intentionally hides the check-box. In this case it might be something along the lines of remove_meta_box('revisionsdiv') for example (I’m no coder, so that’s just a guess).

    Failing that, and because the evidence now suggests that it seems to be a commercial theme related issue, it’s something you will need to address through the theme developers support channel.

    [edit] Ha! You’re way ahead of me. I just spotted your support request in the Modulo support FAQ. Hang in there… sometimes it takes a while depending on how attentive the author is. Good luck!

    Thanks for the hanging in there with me while I got to the bottom of this 🙂 Your help was invaluable!

    You’re welcome. Glad you found the culprit!

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