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    I’ve had a few revisions not getting published on the time I scheduled them. This means that these posts did not appear in the list of posts, and the revision queue did not show them either. I could however find these posts in the database with post type ‘revision’. The posts appeared again when I changed the post type. It seems the plugin could not correctly set the post type. Any idea why that happened? I assume the revision queue did not list these posts because the publish date was scheduled to be set in the past (a few hours before I typed this message).



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    hi @arjendejong. Thanks for reporting this.

    Can you raise a support ticket on our site? There’s a field there to report your Site Health details.

    With that information, we’ll be able to try and debug this.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @arjendejong We have not yet reproduced this error, but I added some safeguards in the following beta version (2.3.9-beta2). Can you let me know if it corrects the behavior on your site?


    Hi Steve, Kevin,

    I’ve raised a support ticket on the site with a report of my site health details.
    I’ve downloaded the beta release and I will let you know if it works.

    I’ve received additional info about a problem that might be related to this:
    “I just scheduled the daily horoscopes and that is not going well for me. In the revision queue there are now only five zodiac signs while I have planned them all. As soon as I make a test schedule post of the seven zodiac signs that are missing,
    they come back in some vague way (without me changing the post content, I just schedule a new one). Maybe useful as extra info.”

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @arjendejong Are you by chance using the WP Rest Cache plugin?

    We’re using W3 Total Cache, but the REST API is not being cached (or used in any other way except by Gutenberg).


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @arjendejong Have you been able to determine if the development version corrects the behavior on your site?

    @kevinb Beta 2 did not fix my problem unfortunately. I received a message that when scheduling 12 posts, only 8 showed up in the revision queue. When they create another revision for the missing 4, the missing 4 suddenly show up again in the queue.

    I’ll take a look in the database once this problem shows up again, to see if and how the missing posts are created.

    @kevinb Rereading this thread made me consider that my original problem outlined in the first message could be fixed; I haven’t ran into that problem again yet.

    Related to my last message here, it happened again when scheduling 12 posts. 3 appeared missing in the revision queue, but I confirmed that they were correcty into the wp_posts database table. I found the main issue to be that when creating new revisions, not all published posts receive the _rvy_has_revisions meta field. The reason why they appear again when creating another revision is because of the revisionary_refresh_postmeta() function.

    I know that we can use the Regenerate revision storage flags (for Revision Queue listing) option in settings to fix this, but I’d rather have a permanent solution to his problem. 🙂

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