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  1. Tom Richmond
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Three years ago I had my website redesigned and a WP blog self hosted within it. The website company customized my theme to match the website http:www.tomrichmond.com/blog. What they did was take the default Kubrick theme and overwrite it with the customized files. Therefore "default" on my blog is not Kubrick but still named "WordPress Default" in the admin theme viewer and resides in the "default" folder.

    Out of concern that the new auto upgrades from WP 2.7 and later will overwrite the "default" theme files thinking they are the Kubrick theme (I have carefully avoided overwriting the default theme when manually upgrading all these years), I am attempting to set up my theme in it's own, separate folder called "MAD Blog Theme". I thought I could just copy the "Default" theme, edit the Style CSS file to reflect the new name and author info, change the screenshot.png and voila.

    The theme does appear in the "Manage Themes" admin area, but selecting it gives me a black white screen in the WRC viewer, rather than the preview the others get. That makes me nervous and I have not tried activating the theme under the new name.

    Any tips on what I missed when I copied the theme over? All I changed was the theme name, description and info at the top of style.css.

  2. Tom Richmond
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Oh, and the original theme designers apparently have bigger fish to fry than having time to help me out with this issue.

  3. Tom Richmond
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks anyway, but I figured it out myself.

    For anyone with a similar issue, you cannot name the folder that your theme resides in with multiple words using spaces. I had named the folder "MAD Blog Theme" and that would not work. When I changed it to "MADBlogTheme" is was right as rain.

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