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  • Hello;

    This post is not really a criticism as it is more intended to be positive feedback.

    I upgraded to the all new WP 3.5. Thus far: all well, site runs faster and articles save faster. Overall cohesiveness is smooth and quick.

    Except the completely revised ‘Media insert’ feature under post -> new post. The look and feel of it are great but functionality leave much to be desired … unless I am not using it correctly.

    Now all images are loaded into memory which makes for fast access. Problem is that you must constantly reload to have new images saved on the hard drive appear in the list. That’s a pain when you deal with hundreds of new images daily (I operate a news site).

    That also means you have to scroll through tons of images to find the one single image you want to insert in your article (I tried using the search feature but that constantly returns a ‘not found – select image’ message even though the image exists on my computer in the path I am searching).

    Additionally, the featured image can only be added by ‘reselecting’ the image first and then set it as featured; an extra step that takes up much time when dealing with lots of photos.

    Finally, the data boxes (caption, description, etc) are really too small. It’s difficult to type more than one sentence because you aren’t able to read the sentence in its entirety and check for errors.

    Again, my post here is not meant to be critical. It just that the new WP 3.5 from a publisher’s point of view, has a new media feature that isn’t very simplistic in use while the media function of the older WP versions was (everything was together on one screen, easily visible with wider input fields and an instant ‘make feature image’ link without having to reselect or reload).

    QUESTION: is it at all possible to have WP3.5 but with the prior version’s media insert function?



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  • Hi Lode,

    I agree with you. Overall 3.5 is a great update but I do find the additional steps for inserting media a big inconvenience.

    I’m having the same sort of issues as you when trying to insert a pdf into a post.

    In the previous versions you would go to the Media Library, copy the path to the file and click on the insert/edit link button in your post.

    With this version to get the file url you now have to, additionally, click on the ‘View Attachment Page’ button and then copy the file url from the browser’s address bar. Unless I missed something, I’m not sure this is progress.

    hi..I need some help here folks..

    I updated to 3.5 also & now are unable to insert media.
    it’s as if I never clicked the button.

    I do not show this ‘image gallery’ the updates area talks about.
    Yup, I checked to be sure pop ups are allowed on the URL of my blog.

    All my uploaded images now make their own ‘attachment page’ which can’t be edited when the URL is clicked. You know how you used to be able to edit the page you were viewing using the dashboard toolbar.
    My dashboard toolbar disappears & clicking ‘site admin’ no longer opens it as it used to-doing that now takes me back to my dashboard it’s self.

    I have tried to get answers here in support but nothing is answering/solving my problems.

    My client is looking for me to get this work done.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! K

    I can no longer insert pdfs into my blog.
    Am trying to find instructions – have been reading all the support comments but so far nothing is working for me.

    @catty9tail – if you need help, please start your own thread in the How To and Troubleshooting forum:

    @kargigi – if you still need help, same applies to you.

    Posting in a thread about a different topic won’t likely get responded to.

    it is the same topic

    Did you read the first line of the OP:

    This post is not really a criticism as it is more intended to be positive feedback.

    This forum is actually intended for “Requests and Feedback” about WP itself (i.e. the OP was voicing her opinion of the new Media Library). WP developers use feedback here to improve future versions. And yes, quite a few people do post here looking for help, but as you may have noticed, it’s much less busy here, so if you want help, you’re more likely to get a faster response posting in the forum I suggested above.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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