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    To moderators and wordpress admins,

    I’m writing this to request modification of the policy that says all post are not allowed to be edited/deleted in the community support forums. My request is to warn or inform users before hand that their posts in support forums are permanent and that no request to delete or modify themm will be considered.

    Users need to be made aware in advance that their technical troubleshooting discussion can’t be deleted or edited and if they are running businesses, this will appear in search and it will impact their brand image. This is not considering SEO impact. When users google their brand, the search result will yield troubleshooting discussion that should not be left accessible to the public. If you are running a business, you will agree it looks very unprofessional.

    There needs to be warning of Posting Permanency during registration process or when users are creating a post to the forum so they are not taken by surprise with a message of “This is the forum policy and your links or threads will not be edited/ deleted.” when it very much impacts their business’ brand or image. Additionally, if it is under extreme cases that posts can be deleted or edited, then what warrants extreme cases and who or how is this decided? There appears to be no guideline in this regard. This is strong flaw in the WordPress community forums.

    Kindly I ask the wordpress community to think about this and make it very transparent to all current and new registrants about the rule that all their post will not be deleted and their discussions will be available to the public.

    I ask this issue to be considered,


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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Everything you post to the internet is permanent. Even if we were to delete your posts, Google has posts made from here within actual *seconds*. Emails are sent out for posts made, sites mirror us, etc. The idea that the history of the internet can be revised is one that exists only in your head.

    So, if you post anything, anywhere, be very aware that *it is permanent*. Nothing and nobody can change that.

    Here, we will remove or modify posts in specific cases and for specific reasons.

    Your “SEO” being affected is not one of those cases.

    So, my advice is to not post things that you don’t want to be public information. Asking for help is not a reflection on you or upon the quality of your character. There is no shame in asking for help or advice on how to build a website correctly.



    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for responding. Understood about anything in the internet can become permanent but I think only if we choose to. In this example, we have the ability to edit the post so that google can re-crawl the post and result rankings would be automatically adjust regardless of Google Juice. The power is in our hands to edit, modify and correct information in the internt (e.g. Wikipedia, blogs, etc.) In our special case the power is in your hands to edit but choose not to.

    But I already know you’ve made up your mind, and I will leave the matter to your decision which is clear. I hope that moderators going forward would improve wordpress volunteer service, by establishing better warnings and notices about permanency before mistakes are made at the end. After all, we never learn about this until someone accidentally finds themselves in this situation. A perfect opportunity and time for improvement I think.

    However, in this case, that is probably extra work to do that and it’s probably more fun and convenient to slam the hammer on people.

    Thanks for listening.


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Unfortunately, you have it absolutely backwards. The ability to edit your words after the fact is, by far, not the default. Everything you create and place out there is permanent, and that is the default. The ability to edit it later is something that must be added.

    Permanency is the default state. Always assume such.

    When users google their brand, the search result will yield troubleshooting discussion that should not be left accessible to the public. If you are running a business, you will agree it looks very unprofessional.

    So use an account not associated with your brand, and anonymise the problem/code as much as possible. If I don’t want a post traced back to a specific client site, I don’t include the link (though this may impede troubleshooting efforts in some cases); and I always change my prefixes to doublee_ instead of clientname_ so while the discussions can be traced to me (which I don’t mind, if I did I’d use a more anonymous account) they generally can’t be traced to a specific client site.

    One of the main reasons you can’t delete your posts is that the discussion about your issue, especially if solved, may be able to help someone else in the future. It’s a bit selfish to expect help, but then want to remove record of the help so no-one else can find it. Bottom line: If you don’t want it traced to you, post anonymously.

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