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  • Looks fine to me. Interesting topic. I’m in the process now waiting for approval for my daughter’s loan.

    thanks for the feedback !

    Hahaha..I have to laugh at the title and blog content.. =) Being that, I KNOW how bad they can SUCK! I actually still owe ALOT on mine lmao! God damn rip offs, fluckin tuition itself was like a total of 30,000 for about a year and some months I think.. =( Dropped out after like the first semester though, still owe a handful..

    Nice layout by the way.. =) Keep up the good work..


    I am so used to flashy sites that I was shocked by how simple your color scheme is. I had to take a few seconds to get my bearings.

    I clicked on an ad for you. Good luck !

    Been school loan free for years now (courteous applause from others in support group).

    spencerp: your post was funny. The way you feel is exactly why I created the site … Thanks again. You too Vaam …

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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