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  • mpothen


    I installed the Oasis plug-in, as I think there might be potential for my organization to use it for reviews, etc. I have a couple of questions though.

    1. I want to send the pages for review to people who are not wordpress users, to executives, legal, etc. Can it work with non-wordpress reviewers? I don’t see an option. Or do all reviewers need to log into wordpress?

    2. I’d also like to set expiration dates on pages. Say, a page that needs to be reviewed quarterly. Can I do this? I know I can route it for review, and give it an due date, but I’d like to have that automatically kickoff based on expiration dates. Thoguhts?


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  • Plugin Author nuggetsol


    Hi @mpothen,

    1. Yes, as of now, all the reviewers need to have an account in WP to be able to provide review comments.

    But, if it’s just for notification purpose, we do have a concept of External User (in Pro version). Such a user can be included in various emails like “Post Publish Notifications”, “Workflow Abort Notifications”.

    2. The way this can be achieved is fairly simple but needs some customization.
    Step 1: Add a custom field to the posts called “expiration date” or something. This date represents when a given post needs to be reviewed again.

    Step 2: Create a scheduled process (using wp_schedule_event() – Such a process/cron job will run daily and will find out all the documents that are due for review (current date > expired date).

    Step 3: Using APIs or functions you can revise these posts (make revision) and then submit to workflow. Essentially this process will do exactly what our “Make Revision” process does, but without human intervention. Check this page and video on this page to under “Make Revision” feature –

    Hope this helps.

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