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  • Hello,

    I have a strange behavior with the WooCommerce Multilingual plug-in and I think I’ve found a bug. I had an old backup of my website locally (February 2019) and I have not this weird behavior.

    I’m using OceanWP + Elementor + WooCommerce. Everything is update.

    Main language = ITA
    Second= ENG

    Today, for testing (my website in under construction), I’ve created ONE review with 5*. So, I have ONLY one review inside my ENTIRE SHOP.
    Perfect. I saw the review in the single page product, the 5* score and everything was ok (in both languages ITA and ENG). Also in the main SHOP page, I’m able to see this review ( I have only two products).

    Then, I’ve removed the review in my dashboard… so, I had NO REVIEW at all.
    The review in the Single page was disappeared but.. I see the STARS in the main SHOP page!

    Look at this picture

    I’ve changed the theme (twenty seventeen), but… I had the same problem = the 5* remain in the SHOP page!

    If I disable your plug-in (WooCommerce Multilingual), everything is ok and I don’t see any stars in the SHOP (in both ITA and ENG language).

    I think it’s a bug. Can you help me?

    Thank you.

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  • Ok…

    a new step…

    if I roll back to WooCommerce Multilingual v4.4.2.1, the orphans disappear from the WooCommerce SHOP (Archive) page…

    I can create, delete reviews and everything is ok.

    Plugin Support George Botsev


    Hello and thank you for reporting this problem.
    I will check it now and get back to you.

    Plugin Support George Botsev


    I did a test in my local environment for a new site and I cannot reproduce the problem.
    Could you provide more details please on how to reproduce the issue?

    Hello Botsev,

    sure, this is a video where you are able to see the BUG.

    if you want, I have also a staging website. But I can send the credential only in private (obviously) =)

    Thank you =)

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    Plugin Support George Botsev


    Thank you for the detailed video.
    In WooCommerce Multilingual we don’t have a feature that duplicates the review/rating to the other language.
    We have a feature that can show the other rating by a link mentioning something like “Show ratings in other languages”.
    However, this is not the case in your setup, so you probably have either some third party code in your theme that handles that or some settings or plugin that do that for you.
    So I suggest that you check with a minimal set of plugins (WPML, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Multilingual) and a default theme like Storefront or Twenty Something to see if you have the same reproduction of the comment in the second language.

    About the star rating – that could also be related to the same functionality that you have reported to have.
    Also WCML has a separate keys for rating, so deactivating WooCommerce Multilingual and removing or adding rating results in not syncing the proper rating to the database fields and then if you re-activate WooCommerce Multilingual you will see the OLD rating – as in your case.

    Hello George,

    I spoke with the WPML suppor t and this is the answer.

    Also, as I already wrote, with WooCommerce Multilingual v4.4.2.1 everything was ok.

    So, it’s a real problem of the plug-in =)

    Plugin Support George Botsev


    Thank you for reporting this to me and to our forum at
    I will check our supporter ticket in our internal bug-reporting system and debug further the issue.

    Plugin Support George Botsev


    I have escalated the issue to our developers.
    Thank you for reporting it.

    Hello George,

    great! =)

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