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    Hi there.

    We have installed your plugin additionally to Rank Math to have our Google reviews showing up in the SERP’s (hopefully).

    We putted in the shortcode on this page for testing purposes: (at the very bottom of the page)

    It works.

    But when we test the page in the Rich Snippet Testing Tool from Google the review snippet is not recognized…

    We guess, that there is some sort of conflict between Rank Math Schema and the new plugin?

    We don’t see any data coming from your plugin and the only Schema on our page is coming from Rank Math and it’s the Service Schema.

    Why your plugin doesn’t seem to be outputting the necessary Schema on our website?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    @gordonlp24 The Structured Data (Rich Snippet) will appear in the home page (called the front page in WordPress). If you want to change this to a different page, use the page’s ID (called the Post ID) to alter the page in which it is found.

    Please try again with your home page in the testing tool to see if it is appearing properly. If you want to switch it to a different page, edit the Structured Data option from 1 to the Post ID.

    I can assist further if needed.

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    First of: Thanks for your fast response!


    1.) How to “edit the Structured Data option from 1 to the Post ID”? Where do I do that? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2.) How to enable the Review Rich Snippet on multiple page URL’s? Not just one? Because we want it to appear on several landing pages…

    Thanks again!

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    @gordonlp24 Thanks for getting back in touch, so here goes:

    1. In PHPMyAdmin or a database browsing plugin, perform a search for the following in the wp_options table: google_business_reviews_rating_structured_data, set this value to the page’s ID (Post ID). You can find this ID by editing the page in WordPress – check the URL where it says ?id=xx.
    2. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere in the forums, but the Structured Data is recommended for one page only – this page should represent your location (usually the home page). Any more than this is duplication in the eyes of the search engine and will not benefit your listing in any way.

    I hope this helps with the process and explains why this should (almost always) appear just once.

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    Ok, thank you…

    But the service of our customer is stair lifts. We created different landing pages for different cities where our customer can offer this service.

    But the service is the same. Alle reviews are the same, because he as a professional / as a business gets them…

    How does the star rating and review snippet only on the homepage helps regarding the stars in the SERP’s for the single services and cities and landing pages we are optimising for?

    How is it possible that competitors have star ratings on each of their landing pages for different cities? What are they doing different?

    We just want our customer to stand out in the SERP’s like his competitors, too 😊🤗

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    @gordonlp24 Ok, there is a limitation with this plugin – it only actively supports one location with updated reviews and the Structured Data. There may be other plugins that support multiple locations with Structured Data (review snippets for each business) but this one isn’t one of them.

    I recommend checking for other plugins, perhaps there are some hints in your competitor’s HTML source code to show how it was generated (and even if it was generated, it could be placed manually).

    Also, I will be releasing a multiple location version (which supports multiple instances of Structured Data, one for each location) of this plugin as a premium version in the near future. If you are interested, please drop me an email at wordpress dash plugins at designextreme dot com and I’ll inform you when it is live.

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    Didn’t you say above:
    “Any more than this is duplication in the eyes of the search engine and will not benefit your listing in any way.”?

    So what’s the case now?
    Is more than one location allowed or not? 🤔

    I am confused. Cause you stated the above and now you’re telling me it’s just a plugin limitation and you’re working on a solution? 🤨

    And what do you exactly mean by “location”?
    Location = Page URL?
    Or something else?

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    @gordonlp24 Duplication is for the same location, not different locations. Structured Data is advised to show unique information that can inform the search engine or service of the place. If you have multiple places, each with their own pages, then applying Structured Data to each respective page is the way to go.

    More than one location is allowed – however your business works can be reflected in your website. So if you have more than one place, you’ll need more than one set of reviews (or combined reviews), Structured Data, addresses, map locations, etc.

    This plugin will always have the limitation of one active location that’s updated using Google’s Places API. However, I am creating a new plugin based on this plugin’s code that properly manages multiple locations each with their own set of reviews, their own Structured Data (that can be placed in a selected page), and much more.

    Location = physical location, like a business located at an address. So, if you have multiple stores in the same company, each store location is its own location with a data associated with it, their own set of reviews, it’s own coordinates, etc.

    I hope this clarifies everything a little better for you.

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    Thank you for your explanation.

    Our customer does not have multiple locations.
    Just one.
    So all reviews are collected for this one and only business location.

    I still don’t get the point why it should not be allowed (or possible?) to show the reviews for this particular business location on several URL’s… 🤷🏻‍♂️

    One business with all reviews.
    Several page URL’s showing different services of this business.
    But for all of them the reviews of the business as a whole are the same.
    So each page URL’s could show the reviews in the review rich snippet and possibly the SERP’s.

    Sorry, I feel really dumb, but I don’t get it why this is not possible 🙈

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    @gordonlp24 It is just not recommended. If the data is properly set in one place, this is all the service needs. Repeating the same information throughout the website will not gain anything and potentially mean that you’re ignored by the service for not conveying this information properly. Basically, one location just needs one set of data with duplication being irrelevant. Please read up about these guidelines yourself if you want to find out more.

    I’ll reply again a little later (to the second part).

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    @gordonlp24 For the second part, I don’t understand what the different services have to do with the Structured Data for the reviews, the contact details within this, the logo, price range (good for local businesses that offer products and services). The reviews will apply to the particular business at the single location – so, this would apply to the whole of the business’s presence through its website and only need to appear once. This plugin only supports one location, its reviews, etc. so replicating this same data throughout is not necessary and against recommended guidelines. If you want to go against these guidelines, there may be a different plugin that can offer this “feature”. I don’t really know how to cover this subject much more than what I’ve already said…

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    Ahhh – ok, I didn’t know that!

    I am irritated because when I use the Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool here and put in a certain landing page url there is no review snippet in it. Therefore in the preview there are no stars in den SERP’s.

    This is only the case for the homepage.

    So I thought we have to somehow implement the review snippet on each landing page url, too, not just the homepage, to have at least the possibility that the review stars appear in the search results.

    Is that true or is that unneccessary and Google will recognize the reviews and will display them in the SERP’s for each landing page url automatically even if the Rich Snippet Testing tool does not recognize the review snippet for a certain url?

    So: Are the reviews being displayed by domain or by specific url in the SERP’s?

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    @gordonlp24 The Structured Data just needs to be supplied once for the entire website/domain and this will be assumed to apply to everything there (provided there is just one physical location/presence). It is up to the end service to use this data as they wish (such as Google’s Rich Snippets).

    With the landing pages, I do understand that this is the first page for many visitors, but the same data will be applied to all of these as well.

    The testing tool just handles the page that you offer to it, this does not search the entire website for all Structured Data (nor should it unless otherwise specified). Change this to the home page and you’ll see something else. If the home page represents all of your website, then the end service (not sure if this is the correct term) may decide to use this throughout to provide specific information to in search engine results (among other uses) for all pages in your website.

    For all of this more generally, I do want to apply only the best-practices so end users like yourself have the best starting point for relevant Structured Data that’s placed according to the recommended guidelines. I am willing to make changes to this functionality, but it must be based on proper guidelines for presenting this data from the business to the end service (e.g. Google, Bing, local directories, etc.).

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    Ok, thank you very much for your time and explanations 👍 Quite a bit Off Topic I guess 😅 Thanks! 🙏

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