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  • Hello! I would like some constuctive feedback of my site. Link is here. Still have some things to do (color forums and maybe a “home page”). Would like to see some IE users test this site (i think my posts are to wide and therefore, pushing the sidebar down?). Feel free to tell me some things that you would like to see added or removed. Oh yea, forgot to mention, the print and email functions are not working yet (need to take the time to configure them). I should also mention, this is a “religious” site. Thanks

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  • Wow… definitelly not built for Firefox. (Or Flock.)

    – Categories menu has words overlapping (not enough vertical spacing). Also, the lines separating each category or line item are overlapping the words.
    – What’s up with the scrollbars on each post? Why make each post a frame?
    – Verse of the Day section looks like a botched up LI tag is in place.
    – Color scheme is good. Very easy on the eyes.

    *All this from viewing it with Flock*

    As Gnorb mentioned, the frames in Firefox force you to scroll. In Internet Explorer, its far worse. The Sidebar doesn’t show up till you get to the bottom of the posts. The posts take the space to the right that the frame slider handled in Firefox.

    EDIT: the color scheme is fine though.

    i think they pretty much said what i was going to say.

    Like the colors though! 🙂

    gnorb: what version of firefox are you using? All my testers with firefox 1.07 and 1.5 have worked perfectly. Also, testers have confirmed that safari and opera work fine. Posts are not in “frames”, your browser may display them in frames but this site does not use “frames”.
    So, to test whether it is a post “width” problem, can someone with IE view the site and see if the sidebar is pushed to the bottom? My other Windoze box has IE and it looks “right” now (both sidebar and spacing of categories in sidebar). Also, i think the post “width” effects the sidebar spacing. Can IE users confirm what they see now that i have deleted all the posts?

    I’ve just viewed your site with Firefox and the formating is very wonky.

    Viewing it in IE 6, the formating is much better than FF, but still a little off.


    1. Wow! A WP forum plugin! Where’d you get it? How is it working for you? Why does your blog/site have a forum? Are you aiming for more of a full-featured website rather than a forum?

    2. Anyway, as of this moment I don’t see the formatting problems the others talked about so maybe you fixed them?

    The site appears fine for me except for the what gnorb and niziol said about the catagory links being scrunched up, like the spacing or padding is off a little bit or something. :/

    “Also, the lines separating each category or line item are overlapping the words.” And the footer is kinda blotched up a bit, like maybe something is over riding a div or something isn’t in a div just right.. :/ (Meaning the sidebar imagery is kinda overlapped by the blue line above the footer informations…)

    I’m also using Firefox


    Other then that…it’s nice. =)

    Oh, I just saw the category links formatting. What theme did you base this on? Maybe you should just go back to the original CSS attributes for the category links. But partly that’s a matter of taste; they’re scrunched up but not actually overlapping, at least not in my browser (latest FF).

    The footer and the sidebar are overlapping, but I’m not sure that necessarily looks bad…different, yes…but not bad I don’t think…

    The forum plugin is xavic’s xdforum.
    You may find it here:
    There is a wp-forum thread, as well.
    You may need some tinkerig to do but it is worth the effort.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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