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  • Hi friends,

    I just changed the theme of my website:
    I just want to know how it is looking. Is there a thing that I should change in it. lease give me your suggestions.
    Crtical suggestions are most welcome.


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  • I know it’s a good money making scheme but i really can’t stand ads in the middle of content. It’s just a suggestion though, besides that it’s a good site i hope it does well.

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    Your main nav. bar always highlights “Home” regardless of what page you’re on.

    I use AdBlock Plus with Firefox 4.0 so I don’t see the ad’s (I hate ad’s, don’t even watch commercial TV anymore). I find it tacky to put some random ad generator on a site with the hope of making money. If you have advertisers that sell things specific to your sites content that’s fine, but I’m not interested in being force fed stuff that I don’t want or need at the expense of the site’s overall experience.

    Anyway, I’ll step off my soapbox now…

    Best of luck,

    OK, now I have removed the ads from the content. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks for your suggestion. But In my opinion, the highlighted home is OK for me.

    Any more sugesstions please?

    Definitely could use some color, photos, and more imagery…this will help liven up the site a lot, as well as make it “welcoming” and friendly. Right now it’s cold.

    And yes, the ads above the fold probably isn’t a good idea…it turned me off immediately. Not hating, just giving honest feedback.

    Other than that, it looks credible and might fare well if you make some of the aforementioned changes/additions.

    Good luck!

    @grounded Group
    Ok. trying to make some changes that you mentioned. Thanks a lot for the advice.
    Any other ideas please!

    The glossy black backgrounds on the titles of the posts and widgets (and menu) is really putting me off.

    The glossy gray menu bg and the gray gradiant on the header I don’t like as well.

    Change the colors to something lighter and not glossy and it would be a big improvement imo.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
    Most of my visitors have liked and praised the things you have mentioned. Therefore, I don’t want to change the post’s title background now. But I will think of it in the near future.
    I really appreciate your advice.

    Any more ideas please!

    I agree with Grounded Group about the use of photos. Photos would work well with your color scheme. I like the logo, but think the ad in the area is just a bit distracting. Oh, when I viewed your site there was an error message at the bottom of the page regarding the wassup plugin.

    @nmfrazer Really thanks for the suggestions.
    Just removed the top header banner. And no more Error at the bottom of the page.

    Any more suggestions please?
    Your ideas Will be really helpful!

    With regards to what roostertail said above, the tabs in your navigation should change depending on what part of the site someone is looking at. Say, for example, you clicked on “Hair Care”, that should become highlighted. At the minute, it doesn’t do that, and looks confusing, like you still might be on the homepage.

    @roostertail and @monkeyboy
    Thanks for this useful advice. I have removed the highlighted feature completely from the navigation bar. Really helpful for me.

    Any more suggestions please?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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