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  • popper


    Looks nice. I’m not convinced on the black text over wood thing. Looks nice, sure, but it maight be hard on the eyes after a while. The red of the article heading doesn’t look to good over that wood, either, makes it kinda murky and dark. You could try with a different color. Green and brown get along better.

    Mhm, what else? The text in the footer is near illegible (the one that says: “Our purpose is to encourage the…”). other than that, I think it looks pretty good.

    Thanks Julia. You confirmed some things I was already thinking. This started as the Grungezine theme, and I’m still in the process of fixing some things. The red text for sure (in some places even, the links are PINK! ugh.) And, I wasn’t sure about the background of the content areas, so it was good to get some feedback there.

    Also, I need to increase the spaces between content lines a bit, and after paragraphs. I’ll look at the text on the bottom to see what I can do.

    I wouldnt wanna read a lot on that site. Its too hard to make out the text.

    Am seconding Julia.

    Maybe you could make the content part background a different colour/texture?

    How about spicing up the banner a bit? the rhs looks very empty.

    Looks nice tho,

    I agree with everything that others have posted here so far. The site is completely illegible with that dark background. I guess the thing that I’m confused about is what a wood background has to do with crime? The design of the site should reflect the contents.

    Ok – I’ve changed the colors, the header, and the backgrounds.

    I still need to do a little work on the header to get it just so.

    I also changed ALL of the fonts to sans serif fonts, but they still look a little strange. I think it’s partially becausce the lines are too close together, and the paragraph breaks aren’t working properly. I will have to look at that tomorrow.

    More thoughts?

    Black type on blue background is still impossible to read.

    What black type on blue background?



    Looks better, :). I think Chrisber was rfering to the black color of the content text over the blue background, and yeah, it is hard to read.

    Things I like:

    + The header looks much better, I like the widht/height proportion, it works.
    +The way the white under the header continues below the slider, but maybe you could try something other than white? It works fine the way it is, but I’d like to see how it works with some shade of blue.
    + The blue background, much better than the woody one. Maybe you could try a subtle gradient or something to make it less plain?

    Things I don’t like:

    – The use of space. There’s too much waste of nice, pretty page space. I assume it’s just ’cause you haven’t finished, but just saying.
    – Black text over blue background, it’s hard to read.
    – The withe border on the footer, it’s too…white? XD

    Keep up the good work!

    Hi everyone –

    Maybe I’m seeing something different than you are. I don’t see any black text over blue background.

    Here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

    I’ve tested it on other browsers and it looks the same.

    Could you let me know if that’s not what you’re seeing?



    everyone including me see black text on blue background i.e not like your screen shot! still…looks better than yesterday!



    Ah, I see. Check you site in Firefox, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

    I am using IE and I dont see the white background.
    Still back on dark blue

    Ha. I just looked at it! It looks awful!

    I wonder if we were seeing anything close to the same screen from the beginning. Now that I look at the comments, I wonder if the original backgrounds for the content section never actually showed up!

    I’ll obviously have to look at it when I get some time this evening.

    Any ideas why that is happening?

    Thanks everyone! I love the wordpress community!



    Excellent, look much, much, better. There’s still some things here and there, like the little face from wp-stats hovering near the ads, or the withe space at the bottom, but the design is legible and pretty clear.

    One thing though: It doesn’t validate. Making sure it does is a good way to avoid *some* browser inconsistencies (Probably will look horrible in IE6 no matter what you do, :P).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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