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  • Its relatively clean, what I like.
    Check your picture slider on home page, your pictures are low quality.
    Personally I dont like sliders at all and your slider is for nothing, it does not help user or somebody for something 🙂
    Anyways if you would like to use some ”fancy” staff, then make picture same size how your slider need, not smaller. Also play with pictures in articles, if you use picture that will attract your visitors, then use quality pictures, not so small.
    Also if you use slider – put there some text and links, otherwise its only picture gallery, do you think someone will watching your pictures during weekend as album ? 😀

    Another think – do your home page more attractive, its almost empty, put there some article.

    Poll is also not so usefull I think.
    You can also play little bit with performance … avoid ”fancy” things which are not useful for your visitors.

    Anyways for your first website, its nice and if you will continue work on it, it can be excellent and helpful for many visitors with this topic.

    Good luck

    Hi Your front page is fine,as has been said you need to go to Photoshop and have your images resized as they are pixelated, which in the game your in doesn’t ring true.
    If you have a full width page template in the page sizes of your theme I suggest you should use it for the remainder of your pages. I suggest this as you have so much information on each page that the sidebar(I know you want people to subscribe etc, in the long run it’s taking up space). People just don’t do the scroll anymore. They like to see it all in the fold.
    You could use the Easy columns plugin to break up the information it’s great.
    It’s nice and clean a bit of colour wouldn’t go astray.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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