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  • Please review my website. The goal is a fun place to go and be surprised daily with a diverse collection of large format wallpapers. The key feature is the use of bold colors. I’m not selling anything and my theme is Modularity Lite. Thanks for your comments!

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  • Nice website 🙂

    nice one, maybe it’s an idea to integrate some masonry plugin ?

    Like this site 🙂

    WP – I have been through about 8 free themes in the last 8 months but I appreciate the masonry comment. I did spot Photolux as potential and may toss them the 45 dollars soon. My total investment to date is $23 for a domain name. Luckily my great son works as a server administrator and puts me in the sky with Lenox for free. I’m getting 6 to 10 thousand visits a day with no ads. It’s just a hobby and social experiment for me. I can barely spell HTML and wish I had some coding friends. Thanks!

    Hey don’t you think the site takes too long to load? I understand it is because of the high quality images but I think you could cut down on the number of wallpapers on the Home page.
    Also, it would be easier to navigate if the links to pages and categories are highlighted. Right now they are blending in with the rest of the text.

    Nice website, specially the font is cool 🙂

    But your website seems slow to me. You can try out some speed up tips from here.

    tgsb/Anik – Will check speed tips thanks. Started with 70 posts on front, then 60,50,40,30,25,and 15. Last night went to 14. That’s about my low limit keeping stuff on the right. The ‘Official’ WordPress font tool hates me! It bleeds over into other font settings. The only way I can change color is changing buttons on top. Reloaded everything several times. It loads base page in 2 secs for me and 2nd background color jump in after 3.

    Update. Reduced posts to 10. Killed half the thumbs and right side. Loaded speed thing. It seems to pop now. Please let me know how load time looks. Thanks!

    Seems better than before.

    davood – Yes I can what?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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