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  • Hello abdgd. Congrats on launching your new website! As a designer I’m sure you understand the importance of showcasing your work and talent.

    My first reaction is that the site (theme) is nice and clean. But it’s lacking visual interest. I strongly suggest you show off your design skills on the homepage and draw your viewers in. Give them a reason to stick around and see what you can do!

    I’ll be happy to take another look when you get a bit further along.

    Happy WPing!

    Thank you mate, I know I need to show my work, I had a slideshow with pictures but tje problem is my site took too long time to visit, so I decided to remove it.

    Do you have any tips? And another question: Do you feel that my website is slow or is it fast?

    Best Regards!

    No issues now with loading time for me. I think you’ll be fine with adding in the slideshow. Just make sure to optimize your images a bit. PNGs under 200k or so should do the trick.

    I’d be happy to take another look for you if/when you add it back in.

    Happy WPing!

    Check my website now, I am sure you will love it. New theme, new logo (new colors), better slideshow, much faster and cleaner, cached and optimized both pages, photos and css/jscripts. What do you think now? Give me your opinions please.


    I think that your website has a very clean and professional look to it Congratulations and all the best with your design business.


    Thank you mate, I hope more people like it and check it out. I have been working long nights on it.

    Looks good. I would move the Privacy and TOC to the bottom of the page. Above the fold is valuable real estate. Nobody reads the privacy policy or TOC even though its required.

    Nice idea SanDiegoDave7, I am done with it.

    Add a “Our Work” page on

    Check it out and give me feedback.

    Look I have only been using WP for two weeks – virgin 🙂 and I think lorbach’s idea of “showcasing your work and talent” and SanDiegoDave7’s suggestion about relocating the Privacy and TOC were both a really good suggestions and your site looks great, I would even up the size of the home widgets. I think you just use a bit of custom css like,

    .home-widgets .widget-wrapper {
            min-height: (height of largest widget box);

    even if you had to fill out the text in the two smaller boxes to even the content size up. Like I said, I am really new to all this but I think that doing this would as they say in Australia “put the icing on the cake” see

    Thank you Pedro14755

    look how it looks like now! Thank you.

    I could not see arabic version of the website.

    I just checked back in for another peek. Wow … that is great,and I’m sure that the professional look of your site will help your business expand in the future. Good luck.

    blograzzi: the arabic version is down (I need a proffisional translator, I am hiring one very soon to translate all english contect to arabic):

    Pedro14755: Thank you so much, I made the site after much of work and now the for swedish is up

    I am not making security edits to make it secure (fk the hackers mate 🙂

    I am sorry if it seems like I am offering yet another criticism of the fine job you have done on your site but I feel that the headline text really does lose something in the translation. I have taken the liberty of doing a minor re-write while trying to keep to the original ideas you were trying to get across. I have posted a re-work of your homepage here
    It is certainly not perfect as I am certainly not a copy writer but please take a look and see what you think, Pedro.

    That is the problem that faces me… I am not a good writer, is there a good way to fix the problem?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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