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  • Hi, not sure if this request is allowed here, if not apologies.
    I have spent many hours playing with my site set up but my stats do not improve.
    I would really appreciate some honest critique as to styling,content etc.
    Please say what you think and if I can make obvious improvements.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • I was watching your website
      I think your website is very nice interface but I think you should put up on the menu as it will better

    Hi, Jims45 I think you should have to add 1 more widget in footer because as I see your site is looking awesome but footer section is not looking better. So I suggest you to add 1 more widget in the footer 🙂

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    I really liked the site colors. They goes directly with the niche.
    I think the date showing on the header is not looking good.
    Navigation can be improved as well.
    Footer section can be organized and you should remove extra space.

    I think you should add some widgets at the right side bar. Overall your site is great.



    Nice color and great.

    Really nice work . If all your images are of same size then home page will look better

    Ya your site is attractive. I think that you should change some menu options, or widgets at right side.

    You site is attractive and worth for user to pay a visit to it.

    Site looks good – I guess you ar in a competitive market.

    Thanks to all of you for leaving feedback. I guess it takes time to get regular traffic to your site.
    This week I will implement some of your suggestions,and monitor my progress.
    Blogging is fun!

    Really nice, great positive color scheme too! One minor spelling – should be ‘healthy’…. Good luck, I wish mine looked as good as yours does!!

    I love the color scheme….Beautiful. Great technique matching it with the header image. One suggestion would be to only have the header on the front page or at least make it smaller on the other pages.

    When I click on a top menu item, I don’t see a change because I have to scroll down to see the changed content. This will confuse some visitors and make them keep clicking or worse…leave. A great website usability principle is the have major content above the fold (meaning you don’t have to scroll to see it). Heres the look I mean for your “About” page for instance Screenshot

    Overall….Great Website!

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    I like your suggestion but not sure how to reduce size of header on other pages. I am using an image widget in my header to achieve the look, maybe this can be implemented with custom code?
    I am entirely self taught and every change takes a lot of research and trial and error.
    All part of the fun of WordPress!

    I know how you feel, I entirely self taught as well. 🙂

    The first bit of code will hide your header on all pages. The second bit of code with make it visible on your homepage.

    .site-header {
    display: none;
    .home .site-header {
      display:  block;

    You just put this inside of your custom CSS file of your child theme….. if you have one. If not you can always create one Here.

    The second option is by a plugin. This one is my favorite because it is so easy to use. Good luck with the site. I love how it’s coming along.

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    Wow…that was easy! Header now on home page only. I added the site title using Genesis simple hooks (before header) so that viewer knows they are on same site but I think reducing height of header would be a good idea, any thoughts on that?
    Hope this thread is helping others!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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