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  1. iqonlie
    Posted 1 year ago #


    here is the link : http://www.iqonlinetraining.com/

    Feedback is appreciated :)

    Many Thanks,


  2. Boyevul
    Posted 1 year ago #

    (1) Header -> too much stuff going on. Everything is scrunched together. It looks cluttered and not very user friendly. I thought it was an advertisement at first.
    (2) Rotator -> the next button overlaps the quick inquiry form. White space below each image. The images don't actually link to anything, so it feels pretty useless. (I realize the images are based on screen size. Find a better way to do that so it doesn't break your layout.)
    (3)Video -> too small to really see any detail, pointless overall.
    (4)Stock images -> out of place; insignificant.
    (5)Spell/grammar/layout checks -> some list items aren't spaced like others, some words are misspelled ('traninings'). Some sentences make no sense ('...provide all high Quality IT online trainings in leading edge and emerging technologies at highly cost effective way.')
    (6)Theme -> feels sloppy, hastily put together, and not very professional.

  3. heatherdamron
    Posted 1 year ago #

    The header is pretty busy. You might consider creating a sidebar and putting some of the stuff down there.
    The layout of the theme feels unbalanced.

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