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  • brasofilo


    i’d give more breathing air to the text blocks, like

    .left_articles {
    margin: 0px 0 10px 0;
    padding: 20px;
    .left_articles .maincontent {
    font: 11pt normal;
    line-height: 1.4em;

    i personally don’t like much of fonts with “Times” style… there are lots of options to customize the typography

    maybe adding an option to increase font size… folks with 50+ y’rs old don’t read well small fonts

    i miss more pictures of Chitwan…
    it’s a beautiful place!




    Thank you very much brasifilo, I will try to add that feature. 🙂

    If you don’t mind, is the site loading just too slow? I think too much of javascript is making the site perform very slow. Should I remove some javascript? But I need to enable front-end users to post articles.. any alternative you know instead of “Quick Post Widget”?

    Thanks again bro. 🙂

    And yes, I am really happy to know that you have visited this place. Thanks alot, alot. 😀



    hi, deSushil

    i wish i had visited!!… what i meant is that i wanted to see more photos on the site!

    i don’t have a super speedy connection and the site loads fine for me

    but there are some scripts that could be filtered…
    – Contact Form 7 can be loaded only in the page where it’s used (this is a plugin feature, check the documentation, and there are posts here in the forum discussing the issue)
    – i believe the Quick Post Widget scripts should only load when a user is loged in, isn’t it? … if the plugin does not have this feature, search for “loading scripts only when needed”

    saludos, hermano



    Yeah I agree, I think you need a lot more space around the text for it to breath… and be more inviting to read:

    I also think your slogan: Information About Chitwan – needs to be placed exactly under the site logotext and not next to the navigation tabs as it looks like a link that’s part of the navigation and does not work properly.

    Otherwise I think the font-size is fine and legible but I am young at 30!



    I’d suggest changing the serif font to sans-serif to make it easier to read and adding a few more effects to the nav at the top, the links are too plain and there’s a lot of them – loose the underlines and add some rollover effects to make rolling the mouse across them more interesting (more likely to gran the user’s attention and generate clicks then).

    Also does the search form need it’s own bar across the top? Couldn’t it sit next to the top three links?



    @brasofilo: thanks for the suggestion about loading required js only.. wish to see you sometime in Chitwan (may be with your girlfriend/wife)… hopefully, thank you for the suggestion again. 🙂

    @ajdf: i agree with the text-breathing as @brasofilo said, will work for it, also about the logo, may be i should combine both (logo+slogan) in a single image instead.. thank you for the suggestion.. 🙂

    @omnialex: yes, i was also not very satisfied with the top links being plain (i’m a noob), and also the search box needs to be worked on, agree.. will work on it asap.. thank you for the suggestion.. 🙂

    p.s., thanks all of you guys at once again, really debted to you for the suggestion.



    i think your top menu would be good if you place main categories and make it into sub-categories as in dropdown type would be good. make it look something like mashable. 🙂



    guys, i have done few (alot from my view) modifications to the css of my site, like, making the fonts bigger, using rounded corner, fixing the search bar to a nice place, optimizing advertisements around the content. thanks, that is all because of you guys. yes, i am still working on the logo-slogan and will update them soon.

    do you think any thing i can still optimize to look it more good?



    yeà, it’s nice to see a work in (and the) progress!

    IMO, the justified alignment makes all the text boxes look the same and is not very reader friendly…

    at the same time, i think the Elephant Ride pic should align left with the text

    the main and the categories menus would be better served with different sizes

    finally, the “Register & Start Submitting” banner is too much text (the categories menu already does all the keywording job)… probably something shorten and stylized would be handy, i.e., “Have a business or activity in Chitwan? Register & Start…”





    nice analysis,
    but as per forum rules:

    Signatures in threads will be removed as they cause clutter and distract from the information and help provided.



    Hi deSushil,

    I took some time to check out your site and really like and support everything you are doing to further your community and culture in Nepal. What inspired you to start your site? Have you thought about making it a dot com?

    Best Regards,
    Peter Coultas



    Not bad but it would be better if you can take some edit on menus.

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