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  • My latest WordPress site is and I would like some of your opinions on it. It’s not my very first attempt but close, let’s just say it is the first one I have the nerve to ask to be reviewed!



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  • Site looks great. Simple layout, pleasing colors, easy navigation.

    Only issue I see is: do you have permission to use the image of the author of the book you have highlighted? Could be a potentional copyright issue.

    Good luck,

    I love the RSS icon (I had to look at it for a minute because it looked -at first glance- like the figure was sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper but then I saw it was a chair – it was a good chuckle).

    I think your website looks good. A few suggestions you might want to consider. You might want to make the copyright notice in the footer of the site a little smaller font, it just seems kinda big.

    I saw in your blog that you have posted several videos. I watched a few and liked the content (I love it when people aren’t just about selling but also about showing you how to do it). You might want to also put those videos one a video page (along with the blog page). Once a person reads the blog post they might want to reference the video at a different time without having to go throughout the entire blog to find the video.

    Also, the favicon for the site is an RSS image, I would change that to something else (anything else).

    Great content and a good looking site for your first go round. Also, seriously consider what @roostertail said about the copyright issue. Good luck!!

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    I think it looks great. Best thing is that you have plenty of fresh content. The mix of text with photos and videos works well. This will help with your Google ranking.

    Dear mdmiller41,

    Great looking blog with best domain name.

    Wow! It looks good.

    But you can change the Background Image to professional Health related images.

    This will give you more attraction to your website.

    All the best.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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