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  • Hi asad184!

    Concerning 3-Concept:
    The articles seems interesting 🙂 — I skimmed through a few, e.g. 7 MOST STUPID LAWS AROUND WORLD was interesting. Who writes the articles? Well there was the name of one author, Touseef, but … that tells me nothing 🙂 Is it you?

    Concerning 2-Theme:
    1. Personally I think the #content-loop looks better if it doesn’t float:right,
    but then you’d need to make it somewhat wider I suppose (so there won’t be whitespace between the #content-loop and the like buttons to the right)

    2. I think there are rather many different colors on the website. For example, the logo has 2 colors, the top bar another color, some orange buttons and the red Google+ button — this gives me a little “messy” impression. Perhaps you could e.g. use the same colors in the logo as in the top bar? — Or change some colors to gray, gray usually works fine (I think)

    Best wishes, KajMagnus


    Actually I agree with Kaj Magnus. Themes – articles are really interesting and exciting. Especially: 7habits that can keep you happy and 7 most stupid laws around the world. By the way, the latter one remind me one funny country – Lithuania – where you can find the same rights..

    On the other hand, the content-loop looks fine, I would not move it. But I really agree about the colors.. The main green toolbar is very vivid, but the page logo is too small and dark. Both of them should be harmonized and similar.

    Good luck

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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