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    I’ve used this plugin in dozens of sites and the best result came from those sites that had 50+ active plugins.
    One of them was only few active plugins shy of 100!

    The speed improvement was amazing.
    On certain pages, it was possible to exclude all but 2-3 necessary plugins which resulted with loading speed improvement of up to 90%.

    The plugin was developed out of a necessity during one of those projects where I had no influence on the number of plugins that were going to be used.

    Pretty soon it became obvious that many plugins were not coded with best practices in mind and they were loading their resources on pages where they were not used at all (and were never supposed to).

    With Goon, it finally became possible to manually select which plugins will be loaded where and that produced 2 great things, one of them being reduced server load which instantly meant cost reduction – it was no longer necessary to pay for the highest tier of the hosting plan for that project, the website worked faster than before even on one of the lower tiers.

    The next big thing we’ve noticed was that Google has positioned the most important pages of that (e-commerce) site closer to the top of the first page of the search results.
    Since the company I’ve developed the plugin for was already well established and their pages were well aged, moving up with their ranking positions resulted in higher income because they got more user traffic flowing in.
    For that company, it was a significant jump from an average of several hundreds of thousands of US$ to record breaking income of 1.8 millions, and that happened during a month that was usually one of the slowest ones in a year being outside their main season.

    I hope Goon can produce similar results for your websites too!
    Whether you’ll end up earning more money with a big e-commerce system or you’ll just save yourself few seconds of waiting time while refreshing a page during creative process on your personal blog that very few people read – my goal will be achieved.

    I wish you the best of luck in your optimization efforts

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