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    Just getting started with this plug in. Great plugin by the way.

    I have two issues, one which is semi-resolved but leaves me with a question.

    This evening when I logged into my site to do some work I noticed that the plugin needed an update. I clicked the update link to update the plugin (to v3.1.1 I believe). After the update all my reviews were gone. I had to unapprove and the re-approve each review. This brought them back. I believe now that what I needed to do was go to the tools and do a recalculate on the reviews… is this correct?

    Second issue is that on the review foams now the text in the fields is almost invisible. Its been changed to a light grey. Previous the field texts were black, could be seen very easily. What happened and how do I fix this? I have tested with firefox and chrome and mobile browsers.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    1. Yes, clicking the “Recalculate Counts” buttons on the Tools page should have fixed it. Although to clarify, your reviews were not gone, this issue only affected the summary shortcode.

    To explain further:

    Site Reviews v2 would calculate the rating summary on each page load (when using the summary shortcode). This would introduce huge performance issues on sites with thousands of reviews.

    A major difference with v3 is that it now stores and maintains internal rating counts for all reviews. This internal rating count is updated whenever a review is created, updated, or deleted.

    Unfortunately I have had a few reports that the 3.x.x upgrade (from v2) did not perform this internal calculation for some users. I am still unsure why this is happening as it only seems to happen for some people. Do you remember which 2.x version you upgraded from?

    All versions from v3.1.2 and higher should now trigger a recalculation of ratings when the plugin is updated.

    2. Change the Plugin Style option in the Settings, the “Site Reviews (minimal)” style should work well for you:

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    One other thing, I noticed on some of your review pages that the HTML code on your page is broken.

    For example:

    On this page it seems like you have not correctly closed your <h3> tag which is making at the text of the reviews the same size as your heading.

    Make sure that your “Heading 3” tags are closed correctly like this:

    <h3> Some heading text </h3>



    @gemini Labs –

    Thank you for the help! Changing the style option worked. Thank also for pointing out the tags issue, I’ll look through my pages and get that fixed.

    I did notice tho that a lot of other settings were set back to default.

    Review approval was turned off and the send notification was turned off as well. Any idea why and does this reset happen on a lot of updates?

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    Your settings did not migrate as they were supposed to. Would you please go to the System Info tab on the Tools page and tell me what the previous version number was that you upgraded from?

    The version 3 upgrade was a major rewrite of the plugin. Site Reviews follows the semantic versioning standard, only major versions can possibly (but not necessarily) introduce breaking changes.



    Well this seems odd. I installed the plugin a few weeks ago (I’m thinking 3-4 weeks) from doing a search in the WP Plugins “Add New” dialogue. I searched for Site Reviews after reading about the plugin. Then yesterday noticed that an update was being advertised on the plugin so I just went with it.

    Here is what the tools show for previous version and current:

    Console size………………………. : 233 bytes
    Last Rating Count………………….. : 2019-01-05 20:14
    Version (current)………………….. : 3.1.3
    Version (previous)…………………. :

    In the Console tool this is what I see…

    [2019-01-05 18:34:29|Modules/Upgrader.php:29] INFO: Completed Upgrade for v3.0.0
    [2019-01-05 18:34:29|Modules/Upgrader.php:29] INFO: Completed Upgrade for v3.1.1
    [2019-01-05 18:34:45|helpers.php:59] INFO: Recalculated rating counts.

    I Don’t see any previous version info from any time farther back than yesterday?

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs



    It looks like you upgraded directly to v3.1.3 from v2.

    I can see that both of the v3.1.3 upgrade routines ran, but the first “3.0.0” upgrade routine did not detect any v2 settings which is why your settings were not migrated over. I wish I were able to find out from which v2 version you updated from as that might have helped track this down…unless, did you remove the Site Reviews plugin before installing v3?

    Anyway, the upgrade is already done. Please go through all the settings (and make sure everything is as it should be. And if you need any more assistance, please open a new topic and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂




    No problems, all’s well that ends well! Things are working and you’ve really helped solidify the support process… quick, easy and dependable so far. Glad we chose this plugin. We hope our little website will end up becoming big… we’ll see tho 🙂

    Thank you!

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