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  • Can you elaborate? What do you mean by “add customer reviews for each product on a page”?

    My review button is appearing under the right navigation menu and at the very bottom of each page. I’d like one to be under the description of each product item. (I’ve also noticed that changes I make to the button wording don’t save.)

    How are products added to that page? Are they all listed on that one page? or do you have a custom post type set up, with each product having it’s own page.

    If they’re all set up on one single page, then you won’t be able to have reviews for each product because the plugin works on a per page/post basis. Basically, each product will need it’s own page to be able to review each product. As far as the plugin is concerned, the visitor is reviewing the specific page, not the product. Does that make sense.

    Re: Button changes not saving – I would uninstall, then re-install the plugin. If you still have issues, likely there is a conflict with another plugin. You can test by deactivating other plugins one by one to find which one is causing the conflict.

    Thanks, tpflanz, guess I can’t do it. The link I posted above is my ‘soap’ page, with different soaps — I’d like a review button under each one. I have lots of testimonials now, but I have to ask permission of customers to post their comments, then manually add them to the page. I was hoping that they could simply post them themselves. Also, I’m sure that there would be many more that way. Perhaps I should continue searching for a different review plug-in. 🙁

    Quite honestly, the problem is with your “soap” page, not the review plugin.

    Simply put, you created the “soap” page using a bad philosophy. Every product SHOULD have its own page. This method greatly increases the chance each individual product will be found in searches and each individual product page can be optimized to actually be found in searches.

    The best method would be to create a custom post type, then add each product you sell, so they will each have their own page.

    After each product has it’s own page, you can create a “soap” page listing all products.

    — The same way the blog works. Each blog post has its own page, then many websites also have a page with a preview of each blog post. —

    With this method, users are also able to review each individual product.

    Rather than spending time trying to find a different review plugin, your time would be better spent in implementing a change to the “soap” page.

    Just some friendly advice. 🙂

    Thanks again, tpflanz. I’ll ponder that. I’d certainly have a heck of a lot more pages if every product had its own page!

    Good to hear this plugin supports individual products. Does it establish a parent-child relationship between products and reviews or something else?



    Maybe it sounds stupid, but is that correct way to be adding this code[WPCR_INSERT] on the bottom of each page I want visitors submit a review?

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