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  • Now this is a beauty. Had some trouble at first getting it activated. But once the tech support crew at my host got the multi-byte string function for PHP compiled, it activated with no trouble. And, miracle of miracles, the code worked once inserted into the right column.

    However, even with the division tags added it’s not entirely formatted as it should be. I expect that’ll be fixed in upgrades.

    The documentation is missing a few things. Such as guidelines for configuring the beast using the Options panel. Would be helpful, but the lack is not a deal killer.

    Speaking of the template code, in the read me it’s presented as an example. Instead the read me should read, “Insert the following code into the sidebar where you wish the referrals to appear.

    It also comes with an add on plugin which adds a bar chart for keeping track of referrals. I recommend creating a referral page template and putting the bar chart there. A neat feature, but one I’m not going to use because I’m not all that sure about my capabilities. I recommend that the designers add the files and folders they recommend the user create, or include a way for the plugin itself to create them when activated. But it’s a young plug in, it’ll get better as time goes by.

    Really, lots of functionality here. It’s more a plugin suite than a standard plug in. Easy to install, easy to configure (even without the documentation). Something to get for your blog. I recommend it.

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