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  • for some reason the backup i did before upgrading to version 3 did not include the sql file so when i come to restore to previous version there is no sql file and i have realized it too late, only after i dropped all the database tables as was directed by this explanation.
    WordPress Restore with phpMyAdmin
    it is really quite depressing cause after talking for quite some time with my hosts(hostgator) they told me that they cannot find any database even at their server since their last back up of the database occurred just few hours after i dropped the tables so there is nothing on their servers.
    I am totally devastated as I feel that I have lost all of my database because of too little information and because the automatic upgrade sucks actually, giving a false impression of ease and security.I would really appreciate any help in recovering my database of the previous version.
    Do you think there is still something that could be done or am i doomed and have to start my blog all over again?
    I am using thesis 2.7 and here is my blog
    thank you

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  • If you don’t have a copy of your database and your hosts don’t have a copy of your database, I don’t think there’s anything anyone else can do. Sorry…

    So you have no data in your database — use phpMyAdmin to find that out.

    What version did you upgrade from. If it was 2.9.2 you could just reinstall the 2.9.2 files and try to use that. The 3.0 upgrade did very little to the database.

    Also, if you do have data in your database tables, immediately do a backup of that database, then when you have that backup on your local machine, open the file in a text editor and make sure it has your data.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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