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  • Does anyone know the download for 2.5.1? 2.6 IS crappy. It ruined my theme and a few plugin essential to my site does not work anymore. I find that the updated was a big mistake.

    Wait is it possible to downgrade? I remeber i had to upgrade so im guessing a bunch of files is now only works for 2.6… Crap.

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  • you CAN get all old versions here,

    But you should think about fixing your blog instead of attempting the downgrade!

    If you downgrade you probably need to install your database from the backup (not just use the database that’s already been upgraded).

    What’s wrong on your theme? Is there an update of the theme? If it is customized, can you find out where the problem(s) are and attempt to fix?

    good luck to ya

    I’ve tried my best to fix it and it just turning to be a BIG wast of time.

    I prefer not to start fresh over. I just want to downgrade or delete whatever they have upgraded to ruin the Mandingo theme and plugins.

    Look at and decide yourself on whats not working. Also my theme has no other upgrades. Nor is it customized.No i have no idea whats wrong. Nor how to fix it besides downgrading to the version it worked at.

    I had a complete backup before updating it but mistakenly deleted it thinking it was some old files i didn’t need.

    Yeah, looks messed up, I can’t spend the time to figure out why for ya right now.

    It might comfort you, just to try this: switch back to Default theme, and “see” your blog working, just with the wrong theme. For me that always helps me know the posts are still all there, which looks like yours are.

    Also write to the Mandingo theme author & see if they are planning to update it to make it compatible with WP 2.6.

    In the longrun you’ll probably want to upgrade…. to 2.7, 3.0, etc…. so you don’t want to stick on a theme that stays outdated.

    One more thing, again, i really think you might need a backup OF THE DATABASE to downgrade. Forget the regular files, it’s the database SQL file that you might need (not sure but you might). Have you got it?

    =( Nope. It also was deleted. I’ve been told by an another member that the theme works. So there must be some kind of error going on…

    In the head of your document, one of your stylesheets is referenced as:


    Is that correct? There appears to be no such file. Should it not be:


    That file does appear to exist.

    I looked into the coding for style.css and it said:
    The rules below are not used, they are here for to accept the theme upload. The actual stylesheet is style.css.php

    So im assuming that its correct…

    Also now im getting more errors in the main page….

    Warning: include(/home/nflbeast/public_html/wp-content/themes/mandigo/sidebar2.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nflbeast/public_html/wp-content/themes/mandigo/index.php on line 161

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/nflbeast/public_html/wp-content/themes/mandigo/sidebar2.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/nflbeast/public_html/wp-content/themes/mandigo/index.php on line 161

    So anyways knows whats going on?

    Yeah, I’m not happy with 2.6 either

    Is there anyway to transfer all of my content/post to a downgraded wordpress?? Im sick of trying to fix stupid crap like this. These errors is a big turn off from me using wordpress for future blogs…

    I’ve never tried it but I think you can “Export” from your current WP. Then you should be able to “Import”.

    Maybe check the Codex to see if there’s instructions for that

    Ok, i’ll check if there is any…

    I can’t find anything… Gosh… Im willing to pay someone $10 to get it fixed. Sorry its all i got in my paypal..

    13lue, you are using Mandigo 1.36. The newest version is Mandigo 1.36.1 which they released when WP 2.6 came out. Go download and install the newer version of Mandigo.

    Honestly, I don’t think it is WP 2.6 and Mandigo that is causing your problems though. I suspect it is a plugin. Try disabling all of your plugins and put all of your widgets away to see if the problem disappears.

    Then activate each plugin one at a time and check to see if that causes your page to go south.

    I am running Mandigo on several of my sites with WP 2.6 and even one site with WP 2.7 Bleeding (which is REALLY raw) and there have been no problems with the theme and WP. I do have some problems with a couple of older plugins (PodPress is one of them) but the plugin authors are working on upgraded versions right now.

    Going backwards is more hassle than it is worth, and if you don’t have the old database it is impossible. Trying to export and import is also troublesome and can create some serious problems — I’ve tried.

    You are better off just going forward. NEXT time though, create a “sandbox” on your server and create a test installation of the newer versions and see if you have any conflicts that you need to sort out.

    I have to go back. It seems that the blogs I have with 2.5.1 don’t have the photo upload problem. Those with the recent updates do…

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