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Revert to Old Version of WordPress?

  • kiminotdoneyet


    Hi – I apologize up front as I’ve been trying to sift through the threads and cannot seem to find resolution. I’m having significant issues with 3.5 to a point that it seems the best solution is to revert to old version.

    Issues I’m experiencing include:
    Cannot use media uploader
    Cannot get tags to attach within post editor
    Cannot see visual (text) editor

    Unfortunately, I’m not technically savvy enough to go into code and disable anything without potentially blowing up my whole site.

    I’ve done a site restore to a date prior to the 3.5 upgrade, but it seems that the upgrade is “sticky” and remains despite the restore.

    Can anyone provide me with “english” instructions on how to revert to 3.4.2?

    I truly apologize in advance for my ignorance – I’m sure I’ve violated posting rules with this post, and I appreciate your patience. Thank you!

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  • There are no instructions other than to restore from your backup prior to the upgrade. There is nothing to make the upgrade “sticky”, as such, other than you did your restore incorrectly.

    Restore the database and files to a version from before your upgrade, and that’s that. Nothing more to it.

    However, rolling back won’t solve your underlying problems. If you have issues, then it’s best to try to solve them instead of reverting. Your problems suggest that you have an incompatible theme or plugin, probably loading older javascript code such as an old jQuery. Working your way through the Master List would tell you which one and probably give you a solution.



    Thank you! So, help me — my issues seemed to have begun with the 3.5 install and everything was working prior to that. What issues could there be that are unrelated to the install but only appear with the advent of the install?

    Well, as I said, your problems suggest that a theme or plugin is causing it. Try disabling plugins and switching to the default theme. If that solves it, then its just a matter of working out which theme/plugin is at fault.



    Otto, forgive me for being dense, but if the theme and the plug ins worked prior to the 3.5 upgrade, but stopped working after the upgrade, then wouldn’t it be the upgrade that is causing the problems? In other words, there is something in the upgrade that isn’t playing nicely with the existing elements? Thus, the upgrade is creating the issue rather than the pre-existing elements?

    I’m trying to follow, truly I am.

    Otto, forgive me for being dense, but if the theme and the plug ins worked prior to the 3.5 upgrade, but stopped working after the upgrade, then wouldn’t it be the upgrade that is causing the problems?

    No, it would be the plugin or theme not being forward compatible.

    WordPress includes a lot of Javascript components included with it, to make everything work. One of these is jQuery. In WordPress 3.5, jQuery was updated to version 1.8.3.

    However, many themes and plugins incorrectly include older versions of jQuery (or other libraries) as well, and they incorrectly replace the versions included with WordPress with their own. When this happens, then the older version breaks because WordPress depends on the newer features.

    Plugins or themes should not replace core functionality of WordPress, but they do. And when they do, they become not forward-compatible any more.

    So find the problem plugin or theme, and disable it, and bug the author of that plugin or theme to fix their code.



    Ah, I understand now. Thank you.



    Also, keep in mind that if you downgrade to prior versions you are exposing yourself to an army of hackers waiting to mess up your site!

    Once you have identified the plugins that are currently not compatible, you may be able to find an alternative plugin instead of waiting for updates.

    As others already stated, if you don’t keep up with the latest, you will be exposing your site without having the best security available to you.

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