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    back in January I began creating a new WordPress site. At the time the plan was to include the option to add B2B and B2C sites to the original catalog website. To that end I set up the WordPress install as a multisite and created the one catalog site on it. The B2B and B2C plans have now been shelved.

    Now that I am just working with one site I have found that the Siteground Staging tool does not work with multisite and I now need to revert the entire multisite network to a single site.

    As there is only one site on it anyway I don’t have anything to delete. All themes and plugins installed on the multisite need to be available to the new single site. The same applies for user accounts.

    Therefore, I am assuming that all I need to do is revert the multisite changes to the config.php file. I don’t think there are even any database tables that need to be dropped other than, wp_blogs, wp_blog_versions, wp_registration_log, wp_signups, wp_site and wp_sitemeta.

    The procedure for all this I got from This Kinsta site.

    The multisite is on one domain and it will be staying there, so I will not be migrating anything either.

    Obviously I will be taking a backup of the site through Siteground before I even consider doing anything this drastic, so all I need to know is if this procedure will work or is there another option.

    I just wanted to reach out to the community before I attempt this.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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