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  • Hello! There have been a lot of discussions on autosave and revisions. No need to discuss that anymore as there are also plugins and ways to avoid that stupid “i make 10 times more entries than necsessary” behaviour of newer wordpress versions.. What I really wanted to see is a way to make autosave WORK but the way it used to be in previous versions: WITHOUT creating additional entries, just by overwriting the actual entry. That would be so fine and shouldn’t be that hard as it already worked like a charm! Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • If you use one of the ‘turn off revisions’ plugins or use the define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false ); in wp-config.php, doesn’t that result in what you want?

    Editing wp-config.php

    Actually not really… I can turn off Revisions, fine. But then WordPress still creates new database entries for every autosave it makes. Disabling Autosave is the only option to avoid that but actually this is what I want: autosave every minute, but OVERWRITE existing database entry and not creating a new one.. Any ideas?

    Still no idea how to autosave “overwrite”?

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