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  • I tried searching, but it seems my problem is a bit difficult to explain and therefore difficult to search for.

    A couple of months ago I moved my WordPress install from the root directory into its own subdirectory, following the instructions found here. That means my site’s root is currently powered by WordPress, using a static page as the front page when visiting my site’s root, and that the only WP file in the root is the index.php.

    However, I now want to use another, non-WordPress index file for my site’s root. In other words, I want to move the index.php back into the subdirectory with the rest of the WP files, leaving it possible to use a different index file for the root. I just can’t figure out how to do this successfully. I tried just moving the WP index.php file into the subdirectory where the rest of the WP files are, but I’m too confused to figure out what I need to change in the General Settings to make it work (if it’s even that easy?).

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  • Check with your host about the possibility of doing that via .htaccess. That is how I recently moved my entire installation to a sub-folder without having to change anything at my Dashboard.

    Christine Rondeau


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    If you look in your settings, you should have your
    Wordpress address : http://domainame/folder
    Site url: http://domainname

    What you want to do is set the site url to be exactly the same as the WordPress address.
    Then you delete the index.php and .htacsess from your root directory. You should still have both index.php and .htaccess files in your subdirectory (the instruction in the link you provided did say, copy not move).

    Once that’s done, you can set up a new index.php or index.html in the root.

    Once you’re all done, just reset your permalinks again, just by saving them. That will reset your .htaccess file

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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