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  • How do i reverse it so that on my WP installation (used as a photo blog) i can make the “Next Page” appear on the right side, and “Last Page” appear on the left? I’ve figured out how to change what it says for the link so i can have it say next and last in the order that i want, but then the links dont do what they say. Maybe if i could reverse the chronology of the posts, but it seems counter intuitive rather than to just rearrange them.

    Any suggestions how I could possibly swap the two to make navigation natural?

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  • This plugin will help with that:

    and this:

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    thanks for the quick reply, but that search didnt really give me the results i was looking for, and both of your links are the same. If there is a plug-in that changes the posts from descending to ascending, could someone point me to it?

    Okay, well i already had the Custom String Query plugin installed, but that doesn’t seem to be able to address the problem i’m having. Maybe it can, and hopefully you can help me configure this correctly. I have my posts appear one at a time (as a photoblog), most recent on the main page. What i would like to do, is reverse the order in which the navigation appears. When looking at the code

    <p><?php posts_nav_link(' or ', 'next page', 'previous page'); ?>.</p>

    it seems logical that it is calling some kind of php “posts_nav_link” and i would assume, that by reversing the two terms, i could have previous appear first, and next appear second (reading left to right). however, when i swap them, all that happens, is to swap the meaning, and next means previous and previous means next. It seems that within this “posts_nav_link” line, its ingrained that “next” comes before “previous”

    Ultimately What i want to do, is that when the two lines of navigation appear on screen together, for “Previous” to be on the left, and “Next” to be on the right.

    It seems counter intuitive for it to be the way that it is by default, but I fail to see any settings that make it that way.

    Your logic is kind of right… it’s just in a blog “previous” is based on chronological order: compared to today’s post the previous is the post from yesterday. Which means what in a non-blog setting usually should be the “next” page (like in a book), in the blog logic is actually “previous post(s)”.

    right, i understand the differentiation, and changing what the nav links actually say is easy enough, but i want to change the order that the navigation links appear so that the link that navigates earlier chronologically appears on the left, and the link that navigates later chronologically appears on the right.

    Then why don’t you use the default? Template_Tags/posts_nav_link

    When using the default, it shows “Next” on the right, (meaning earlier chronological posting), i want it on the left. It shows “previous” on the left (meaning later chronological posting), when i want it on the right. What the words actually say is inconsequential, i just need the links themselves to be swapped.

    There is a post at that may help with reversing post navigation links.

    I would wrap your link titles in a span, then with CSS display block and float them right and left within their containing block. No programming should be necessary for a simple placement as long as the PHP parameter will accept a span. I haven’t tried it, but it seems like that should work.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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