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  • Quite simply, I’d like the highest numbered page to be on the front instead of page one.

    Why not just reverse the post order? you ask. It’s not the same, since I’ll actually be doing exactly that in addition to reversing the page order. Namely putting most recent posts on the highest numbered page.

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  • Define “highest numbered page”. What is that?

    Well if you’ve posted 40 posts there would be 4 pages given there’s a 10 posts per page limit. This way I’d like page 4, namely the “highest numbered page”, to be the default shown on the front page. Now clicking “previous entries” (or “older entries” not to cause any confusion) would go to page 3.

    I made an illustration yesterday if it makes any sense, just think of it as a book (and it’s 5 posts per page limit)

    No, WP doesn’t work like that + it is not the expceted behaviour for a blogging tool.

    Understandable, it should at least however be a possibility. And there’s always room for a new standard, people could start expecting this to be how a blog should be if it was just presented more often.
    Oh well, if anyone don’t have a solution I’ll have to keep on reading through all the code.
    I’m basicly trying to figure out where in the code it’s desided to display page one on the front page. If I manage to change that to the highest numbered page I’d be all set cause I’ve figured out all the rest needed done.

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