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    I have searched all through the various Plugin lists and through this forum for a plugin or code modification that will automatically keep posts in chronological order. I’m defining that as the order in which time runs, from the past to the future, with the first post at the top and all the others in the order in which they are created and the newest last. I mean backwards from the WP default. I don’t how to make it more explicit.

    There are many posts and digresions but so far I have not seen a simple response that says something like, “go here for the plugin.”

    Anyone, please? TIA

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  • This plugin might do it–I say might as it’s not exactly clear in the information but take a look:

    I have that installed. I agree with you that “it’s not exactly clear.” In fact there is zero information.

    I have tried setting the two categories to -1 and I see nothing changed.

    Further, the description of the plugin says nothing to indicate that it has anything to do with word order. “Change the number of posts displayed when viewing different archive pages.”

    It’s a mystery to me how that might translate into chronological order.

    If anyone can explain how this plugin can be configured to impose chronological order on all posts, I’d greatly apreciate the advice.

    Lacking that, can someone tell me of an effective plugin or how to edit the PHP to do that?

    Actually, on the plugin’s setting page you do this:
    – select Condition, e.g. is_home (that’s your main page)
    – type number of posts, e.g. 13
    – Order by – date is OK, change DESC to ASC <== that’s what you want!
    – click Add on the right end.

    You are done.

    Thank Moshu,

    That seems to do the trick. I’ll be adding a few more posts over the next 24 hours. If I run into any issues I’ll come back but for now I think I have it under control.

    That’s greatly appreciated advice.


    I get this when I go to the plug in:

    Project No Longer Supported

    Sorry, do to changes and lack of time I no longer support the project you are looking for. Below is a list of all the previously supported projects. You can download them, and, if you wish, you can take them on yourself and develop them further. I appologise for any inconvinience.

    I am looking for something so simple that maybe I’m just not asking properly. I just need to reverse the posts chronological date and have the first post always at the top. I don’t need ( r want) all the reverse comments, slug. RSS options that come with a lot of these plugins. I just want to reverse the post order for all posts. Please don’t refer me to the loop that just takes you back here in the search string. Is there an easy way to change a PHP tag and enact this globally?



    I am also (re)searching for ways to make the posts show in chronological order, with the oldest post showing first.

    I wonder why there isn’t even one clear explanation about this, either here in wordpress or asking mr. google.

    In wordpress version 1.5, this is quite easy to do: just provide the ORDER BY clause, the Column name and specify whether ASC/DESC in Index.php.

    However, in the current version 2.x, which i just installed, i find the solution hard to find as the program logic has become rather complex.

    For instance, my index.php now contains:
    $posts = $wp_query->get_posts();
    I take it this calls a function from query.php. I edit query.php and attempt to find (and edit) all the related sorting options to achieve the effect that i want.

    Unfortunately, none seem to work.

    I tried opening all the php files just to make sure and check all the SQL calls to the database (i.e SELECT x FROM x) and put an ORDER BY clause.

    Still nothing.

    Right now my workaround is editing the post ID by numbering the oldest post the highest number; the recent post the least number.

    I found the above plugin, by the way. The link is this:

    Problem is, its not working on the current version (or atleast on my existing theme).

    This is really frustrating. Something as simple as sorting is proving to be so hard to do.

    You can find a zip file of the plugin here:

    @gnober–I am having no problem using the plugin at WordPress version 2.2 with the WordPress Default 1.6 theme showing the old post first and the latest post last.

    hmm thats strange, i cant seem to get mine working.

    you set is_date to ASC is it?


    Finally got it using the above plugin. =)

    I did the ff:

    New condition (under wp-admin > Options > CQS):

    If is_home show -1 per page, ordered by ASC

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