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  1. poundcommapound
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Does a plug-in (or other method) exist that would allow your page to show posts oldest-to-newest, rather than the WP default of newest ones on top? I've searched plug-in repositories and the codex and can't find anything.

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 10 years ago #

    At quick search of the Forum, using Google, found this thread:

    referring to:


    Welcome to the WordPress Support Forums!

    Please help keep the Forums successful by reading:
    Using the Support Forums

    Also, remember the WordPress Codex and the FAQ pages.

    And, thank you, for letting us know if this information proves useful (or not)!

  3. muhkayoh
    Posted 9 years ago #

    "At quick search of the Forum"

    I spent an hour or so searching for this and didn't happen upon this thread until it occurred to me to use "reverese" as a search term. (I'd tried next/prev, category, navigation, etc. ad nauseum.) I realize that a lot of people just jump in and ask before searching and you guys get tired of dealing with that, but the "quick search of the forum" part of the reply seems more like a condescending dig than a helpful pointer. People use variations of that response all the time, but I'd consider rewording it to maximize the help and minimize the perceived condescension. For example:

    "I did a search on the term "reverse" and found this thread thread-url."

    Or words to that effect.

    Something like that still gets the idea of searching across to those who don't search first. And for those of us who did search but, for whatever reason, came up empty, it avoids sounding snide while at the same time helping us figure out why we came up empty. Everybody wins.

    Just a suggestion I came up with after a not-so-quick soul search.

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