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  • Please oh please do something to make it so one can choose either “last post first” (the current option – and the only one apparently) OR “newest post first” sort order. These fora become almost unusable after 10 or 12 posts on a topic.

    Alternatively, at LEAST institute a “go to last post in topic” icon or button….

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  • I do know there are stickies, or adhesives, plugins that influence how a post appears on the list. I’m about to try them in the next few days as the order of the post list is critical to me since I’m not doing things in “date” order. I would love to have more control over this, too, like sorting by last date modified instead of created.

    Make it big and public if anything is found on this, okay!

    Oh, I will, believe me. Yes, there are times when you absolutely MUST read the first post and go on from there; but if you “regular” here, all you really need (heh – unless you’re senior AND blonde, like yours truly!) is to see the last post or two….

    Scrolling is maddening after a while…. *sigh*

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