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  • So I’ve got the email funtion working beautifully. It’s awesome. The next step is this: I’ve got it showing the most recent four posts as soon as you get to the index.php page Problem is, the posts that go to my site are continuations of a story. Therefore, my group and I should be reading the posts in order of submission, not in reverse order.

    Therefore, is there anyone who can help me in reversing the chronological order of the posts presented upon arrival at the site??

    Thank You!

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  • I’m doing something similar with a friend’s site. What I ended up using was Matt Read’s Custom Query String Plugin. You can use it to arrange any portion of posts, pages, archives, etc. into the order you’d like.

    I use it on one of my hobby sites – it’s a recipe database and I have my categories’ posts alphabetized.

    (It’s a great plugin, but I’ve had to reset it after a couple of large version WP upgrades.)

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