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  • Hi all, Leah,

    First, thanks for this nice plugin:) I have been able to customize the way I wanted and even add some custom fields… Thanks to the EVC’s template system & doc!

    But… 😉

    WP3.8 – TEC 3.3.

    I would like to reopen as for me it’s not solved!

    To reproduce, go to “all events”, make sure you are in “list view”.

    Page open showing event with the next to come as the first one. Good.
    a/ If from here you select “Next events”, then the next events show up based on the asc event date. Good.
    b/ BUT, if you chose “Pevious events”, page will be displayed starting at the first registered event! (In my case, Sep 2013). Wrong!
    If you type again “previous events”, then events for October will be displayed, etc, up to the last page containing the event of this week-end.

    I was obviously looking to have the past event of this week end to be displayed after the firts “past events” click, and so on up to Sepetember’s 2013 events.

    So it sounds to be sorted by “event date” (good), but in the wrong order for “past events”.

    Work around at the moment… Select month view by default from the TEC’s setup page. BTW, shouldn’t you remove the “next” or “previous” month in calendar view if there is no more event to see? (as it’s done in the list view.

    Note: Sounds strange that this apparently exist with previous version as I didn’t notice it… Just notice it now after I add some new events (in both past and future).

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  • OK, so I tested with the just released 3.3.1 and no change.

    Downgrading to 3.2 make it to work;)

    Back to 3.3.1. The funny think here is that if you refresh the page, it works! …

    So to explain, let said we are d day.
    I have d+1, d+2, etc events: future events display correctly.

    Let said I have d-1, d-2, … d-9 – 3 events per page.

    From “all events” page, view list. Display d+1, d+2 etc as expeted.
    Now, got to “previous events”

    Complete query is ?action=tribe_list&tribe_paged=[1..3] which I replace by tb[1..3] for better reading:

    ————— tp1 ——|—– tp2 ——|—– tp3 —
    display d-9/d-8/d-7 | d-6/d-5/d-4 | d-3/d-2/d-1
    refresh d-1/d-2/d-3 | d-4/d-5/d-6 | d-7/d-8/d-9

    It’s not a cash issue, reproduce on my local PC, where I can enable/deseable cache. Again, back to 3.2 make it to work (but I got fatal error when futur event list is empty for one category…).

    Well, this also happend to your demo site which show event of december 2012 at the first load, december 2013 after reload:) Perfect! problem simulated = problem solved! 🙂

    Have good X-mas 🙂

    Happy new year:)

    Is that confirmed? Take into account at all?


    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Hi Franck160 – thanks for your patience: I do believe you’re righht and we’re working hard to resolve this one.

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