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  • Can this be done?

    I’ve been playing with WordPress for about a year now. I’ve downloaded at least a hundred different plug-ins, I’ve probably tried out about a hundred different themes. When I’m done experimenting, I have no idea, yet, what combination of themes and plug-ins I will end up using on my blogs but however it works out, if I become successful and actually make money I would like to have a way to share that with those plug-in and theme developers that help my blog(s) succeed.

    One of the main reasons I chose WordPress was because it’s open source. I don’t have the luxury of being able to work outside of the home right now. I have two family members that need constant care and it would cost me more to work outside the home than I could make. Same with not having the luxury of being able to pay for the themes and plug-ins I use. I just don’t have the luxury to do that right now. Money is very tight. That’s why I chose to go open source.

    Of the open source platforms I researched, WordPress impressed me the most and I can honestly say that after a year of playing with WordPress, I’m even more and more impressed all the time. I love the flexability afforded to me because of all of the wonderful free plug-ins and themes available.

    But, when I become a rich and famous blogger, I want to share the love with everyone who donated their time to create the plug-ins and themes I use to become successful.

    My vision is to have an ad rotation plug-in that will recognize what theme and plug-ins I’m using, will allow me (the end user) to weight their importance to my success, and will allow developers to have a percentage of the ad space on my blogs based on how I (end user) rate them in importance. The ad space could be used by the plug-in developer to drive traffic to their own sites or they could use it for their own Adsense code or whatever (actually I’m not real fond of Adsense so far –the ads are ugly.) The idea is that a developer could make money on the Adspace on my site or they could run their own ads. Either is fine with me.

    I can see a near future where plug-in developers automatically include their ad code with plug-ins they contribute to the repository and that ad code is grabbed by the Revenue Sharing Plug-in of my dreams and displayed on my very successful blogs. And Theme developers will someday automatically build in the Revenue Sharing Plug-in into SEO themes for those of us who intend to become rich and famous bloggers and we all live happily ever after.

    If this plug-in idea gets done, I promise to be grateful.


    It would also be nice if additional bloggers could be included so that if I ever become successful enough to invite other bloggers to my blogs, I can also include them in the revenue sharing.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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