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    I’d like to do a huge makeover to my blog. How can I put it in the backstage so to speak while I make all the changes? Is it possible to put it on hold? Or should I do the changes as I go and showing?
    Also would it be another solution to have another blog and link boths?
    Thanks for your help and ideas!!!

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  • Joy


    What would your makeover consist of?
    If it’s how it looks, you should be able to switch themes at any time. If you need to configure some things, figure that out on a test installation, then import those settings.

    If you are changing content, URLs (post types, taxonomies), then you have to consider what your users need. Your SEO will be affected by changing URLs (or you can redirect from old to new). Existing links to your pages should still work, for the best user experience. This is best done by exporting, changing it in a test installation, then importing again, but if you have comments or forum or ecommerce, you can lose data between export and import as users interact with your site while you work on the new version.
    You can install WordPress on your own computer. Or you can use a sandbox:
    There are plugins to help you migrate the data from one to the other.

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    Thank you!!!
    (Its mostly about changing categories, changing theme..) ,not really changing up to now content.


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