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  • brendan


    Does anyone know if any plugin or script exists to take a parent menu’s dropdown, and use that as an element elsewhere on the page?

    for example, you have a menu that display this when you hover over one of the items:

    And on the actual page you re-use that dropdown menu on the top as another way for the user to explore your page’s parent/children, it’d be something like this:

    Right now I’m using a script that displays the page’s parent and all it’s children, as opposed to grabbing a sub-menu – the only problem with this method is that it doesn’t list them in the same order as in the menu, it alphabetizes the items automatically.

    The best way my friend came up with so far is making a new template and menu for every single page. Seems like an extraordinary amount of work for something potentially so simple!

    I hope this makes sense, I can clarify more if needed!

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Reuse the menu on the same page on which it appears, or reuse the menu on the target page, so that the menu is actually from the referring page?

    On the same page you can use javascript to copy the menu HTML and insert it into a container elsewhere on the page.

    On a target page, is the page always reached from the same menu, or is it reached by various or dynamic menus?

    If from the same menu, what ever PHP was used to create the menu can be replicated on the template.

    If from various menus, the template would need to know what menu was used. It might be determined from HTTP_REFERER, some sort of passed ID or string of IDs, or any sort of data from which the menu can be recreated.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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